Book Two Character List

Frank Clay – “The Quantum Unstable Man” He was conducting an experiment with his friend and mentor, David Lovell, when something went wrong. David was injured, but Frank’s body was transformed on a quantum level. The instability in his body grows and the only way to release it is by using the Quantum Stability Chamber, also known as “The Box”. When the stability is released, Frank’s body changes seemingly at random. There seems to be no limit on race, gender, age, or body type that he can transform into, though its true nature is not yet fully understood. There had been an early device called the Stabilizer that had been used, but its use resulted in the accident that took David’s life. Frank continues to be guilty to feel guilty about this. The Xian had implanted a chip into his head so that he could understand their language as well as most alien species.

Jamal Sampson – Frank’s Best Friend. After an accident, his brain was transferred into the body of an orangutan. When trying to save his daughter, Tilly who was kidnapped by her mother in the future, he and the rest of the gang were sent into the past. There Jamal was attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Jennifer was forced to transfer his brain into the body of a raptor to save his life. A future version of his daughter, while rescuing them from the past, then injected him with nanites that altered the physical structure of the raptor body, such as giving his hands more flexibility and his mouth the ability to form the english language.

Mathilda Sampson – “Tilly” Jamal’s 16-year old daughter. She is a surprisingly skilled fighter. She is also Freyja’s daughter and heir to a millennia-long empire. She hates being called “Matti” because it is what her mother calls her. She was kidnapped by her mother and trapped in the future for 4 years. During that time, she learned many things. Her mother also gave her many bio-modifications, like the ability to travel through time, crumble walls, create a personal shield, override surveillance equipment, and phase through solid objects. She was also injected with nanites that have rendered her immune to everything the next several thousand years could throw at her.

ALAN – Frank’s robotic assistant. His main program is housed in a cybernetic brain this able to be installed in various robotic forms. He is currently in a robotic body from the future much scaled down over the course of their adventures.

Jennifer Lovell – “Doc” Jennifer is the daughter of Frank’s mentor, David Lovell. She created the Quantum Stability Chamber and saved Frank’s life.

Peterson Samuel – an agent with the CIA. He wears an eyepatch.

Ramstov – a small eastern European nation that is ruled by General Zlodeyskiy. Its capital is Zlodeyskiygrad, which is where the General’s palace is located.

General Imre Zlodeyskiy – the ruler of Ramstov. He has a 16 year old son. he usually dresses in the Ramstovian military uniform of deep purple.

Hera – General Zlodeyskiy’s liaison.

Mayhew Zlodeyskiy – the General’s son.

Lu Wu – China’s ambassador to Ramstov. He has two young children.

Dinozens – A race of creatures who appeared to have evolved from the dinosaurs. They are a monarchy, ruled by a king. In the middle of their village is a statue that looks very similar to the Crimson Figure. Members of their race include Tyrannex, the Dinozen’s Master of War and the Princess, who Jamal has had intimate relations with.



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