Complete Character List

Frank Clay – “The Quantum Unstable Man” He was conducting an experiment with his friend and mentor, David Lovell, when something went wrong. David was injured, but Frank’s body was transformed on a quantum level. The instability in his body grows and the only way to release it is by using the Quantum Stability Chamber, also known as “The Box”. When the stability is released, Frank’s body changes seemingly at random. There seems to be no limit on race, gender, age, or body type that he can transform into, though its true nature is not yet fully understood. There had been an early device called the Stabilizer that had been used, but its use resulted in the accident that took David’s life. Frank continues to be guilty to feel guilty about this. The Xian had implanted a chip into his head so that he could understand their language as well as most alien species. Frank goes undercover as an ambassador to Ramstov for the CIA under the name “Fran Stone”. When General Zlodeyskiy alters reality, he becomes the General’s wife while still under this identity. It is only after Tilly makes him switch bodies that he remembers who he really is.

Jamal Sampson – Frank’s Best Friend. After an accident, his brain was transferred into the body of an orangutan. When trying to save his daughter, Tilly who was kidnapped by her mother in the future, he and the rest of the gang were sent into the past. There Jamal was attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Jennifer was forced to transfer his brain into the body of a raptor to save his life. A future version of his daughter, while rescuing them from the past, then injected him with nanites that altered the physical structure of the raptor body, such as giving his hands more flexibility and his mouth the ability to form the english language.

Mathilda Sampson – “Tilly” Jamal’s 16-year old daughter. She is a surprisingly skilled fighter. She is also Freyja’s daughter and heir to a millennia-long empire. She hates being called “Matti” because it is what her mother calls her. She was kidnapped by her mother and trapped in the future for 4 years. During that time, she learned many things. Her mother also gave her many bio-modifications, like the ability to travel through time, crumble walls, create a personal shield, override surveillance equipment, and phase through solid objects. She was also injected with nanites that have rendered her immune to everything the next several thousand years could throw at her. She goes undercover with Frank in Ramstov as his daughter under the name “Madeleine Stone” using the nickname “Lina”. She is caught in General Zlodeyskiy’s altered reality, but because of her mother’s upgrades she is the only one aware of the changes. She is able to get Frank back on her side by getting him to swap bodies with a quantum stability chamber that she made.

ALAN – Frank’s robotic assistant. His main program is housed in a cybernetic brain this able to be installed in various robotic forms. He is currently in a robotic body from the future much scaled down over the course of their adventures.

Jennifer Lovell – “Doc” Jennifer is the daughter of Frank’s mentor, David Lovell. She created the Quantum Stability Chamber and saved Frank’s life.

Peterson Samuel – an agent with the CIA. He wears an eyepatch.

Ramstov – a small eastern European nation that is ruled by General Zlodeyskiy. Its capital is Zlodeyskiygrad, which is where the General’s palace is located. It is ground zero for the invasion by Maqesh. The battle does not go well for the Ramstovians.

General Imre Zlodeyskiy – the ruler of Ramstov. His reign is looked down upon by the majority of the international community. He has a 16 year old son, Mayhew. He usually dresses in the Ramstovian military uniform of deep purple. Beneath his palace, he has scientists performing genetic experiments creating hybrids, including his own army of reptile men known as Dracs. He also has a trio of dragons. He originally meets Frank while Frank is undercover spying on him. The General shows a romantic interest in Fran’s alias “Fran Stone”. He likes to be called “Zlodey” by those he is close to. During the battle with the demon Maqesh, where he destroys the General’s palace and his guards, the General finds himself in possession of the Horn of Tarrgair. Knowing little of it, except its great power, the General puts its power to use, altering reality to his liking. “Fran Stone” becomes his wife and “Lina” (Mathilda’s undercover identity) his daughter and his army of Dracs are marching swiftly across Europe.

Hera – General Zlodeyskiy’s liaison. She is also secretly an advanced form of Drac.

Dracs – General Zlodeyskiy special fighting force. They are genetically modified human/reptilian hybrids with speed and strength greater than a normal human.

Mayhew Zlodeyskiy – the General’s son. He originally meets Frank and Tilly while they are undercover as mother and daughter. Mayhew may show a romantic interest in Tilly’s alias, “Madeleine Stone”.

Lu Wu – China’s ambassador to Ramstov. He originally meets Frank in Zlodeyskiygrad while Frank is undercover using the name “Fran Stone” and displays a romantic interest. Lu is also a great sorcerer and the Gatekeeper between the two dimensions. His abilities include the ability to hide his familiars as human children, shoot fire from his hands, and teleportation. He wears a magic pendant called the Seal of M’lthak.

The Sharkwoman – She is a member of Gruesser species who live in the Strange Dimension. They spend most of the time a giant sharks, but they have have the ability to transform into mermaid-like creatures. The Sharkwoman wears a necklace that was given to her by Lu Wu. She saved Frank from the Grokloc to help her find Lu Wu. She is called “Shayu” by Lu Wu. She is able to transform into fully human form, but it is very difficult and painful. She manages to do it so that she can travel to the human dimension and save Lu Wu.

Tug – He looks like a teddy bear and lives in the Strange Dimension. He has a vast knowledge of his dimension and the ability to teleport. He is really an evil four-armed, tailed, hairless sorcerer by the name Maqesh the Unsouled. He used the Orb of Lies, which he stole from the Wall of No Return, to hide his true appearance and trick the Wizard into revealing himself. Enhanced by the Horn of Tarrgair, he fights the Wizard and then uses Lu Wu invade the human world. After tearing the Ramstov army to pieces, he is confronted by Frank, the Sharkwoman, and Tilly. Things look bad until Tilly steals the horn. Eventually, the Sharkwoman tears his head off and Lu Wu uses magic to incinerate his head.

Werz – A Shadoweater. He is approximately seven feet and surprisingly slim, covered in white fur with enormous hands and feet. His species eats shadows, but the first time Frank sees him he is suffering from consuming too much shadows, leaving him in a somewhat spectral appearance with shadow clinging to him like a second skin. He helps Frank and the Sharkwoman escape from the Gorillapedes in exchange for his own freedom. He decides to go with them so that the Wizard could cure him of his shadow affliction.

The Wizard – a mysterious and magical person. He is called Dakkoe by Lu Wu. He resembles a seahorse with tentacles and is one of the most powerful beings in the Strange Dimension. His home is difficult to reach. It is an ominous-looking castle built into the side of a mountain. The only way to reach it is by crossing a rickety-looking rope bridge. The entrance of the castle leads directly into the Chamber of the Secret Soul where your true self is laid bare. From here, the Wizard will address you, though he will remain hidden. He will be willing to offer his services, which he likes to present on walking tables, but only for a price. For instance, he is willing to help Frank and his companions, but only in exchange for the horn of the dangerous Tarrgair Beast. The Wizard can send people to the human dimension, but claims to not be able to survive there himself.

The Strange Dimension – It is another dimension where the physics of reality are different than our own. There is no sun, the light is just there. Certain inhabitants have evolved to be able to swim in the air. It is home to such locations as Doom Castle Fields, Shriekers Forest, the Fields of Koras Lhee. It is populated by many strange creatures like the Skywhale also known as a Derlov, the Miboaq, the Dautal, Catchme Vines, Narroot, and Purtek.

The Wall of No Return – It is a massive wall that stretches further than the eye can see. The Wall is purported to keep out the darkness. It is said that “all that is evil and vile live on the other side”, though the truth of that is unproven. It is also supposed to be impregnable, but that is shown to be untrue. There are many dangerous inhabitants of the Wall, such as the Guardians creatures of shadow that poison you with their very touch, the grasping roots, and the Cabbage Monster that lives in lake of acid.

Tarrgair Beast – Supposedly it sleeps beneath Tarrgair Mountain, but really the mountain is just rock and dirt that has settled on the creature as it slumbers. The Beast is enormous. It has four massive hairy arms, many eyes, and its legs are covered in scales. It’s horn is an item of great power. It is said that were someone to have the horn they would have enough power to reshape the universe. Frank and his companions are sent to retrieve the horn by the Wizard. Despite the Beast’s unimaginable size, it’s horn is the approximate size and shape of a banana. It is only defeated after Lu Wu flies a skywhale into its head.

The Gorillapedes – They are a primitive species that lives in the bottom of the Wall of No Return. The top half of their bodies resemble dark red-haired gorillas, but the bottom half was like that of a centipede. They are very carnivorous and show a habit of capturing Shawdoweaters to cleanse their food of shadow-poisoning.

The Manta People
– They live in the Strange Dimension. They have heads and arms like people, but their bodies are like manta rays. They are a primitive people. They hunt in packs and use net guns to capture their prey. They also have guns that shoot red and green energy that they keep in their gunbelts, the only piece of clothing they wear. Their houses appear to be made out of corral. Two major figures in their community are their King and their Medicine Woman. Their society is built around the sacrifice to the Grokloc, a massive creature with an enormous mouth and six legs.

Weatherwing – a material used for clothing that “allows one to soar through the sky like a fish”. Frank receives an outfit of it from the Wizard.

Freyja Reina del Tiempo – The Queen of Time. She is Mathilda’s mother and rules 3000 years of time. She mostly uses robots as her army including the Valkyrie, the Jotun, the Surtr, the world destroyer, and even larger ships than that.

Kink – Time Pirate. Real name Tylea Hidrogen. Kink is from the far future where bio-modification (such as changing skin color, adding extra limbs, wings) is as common as tattoos and piercings are in the early 21st century. Over their many interactions, Kink has developed a flirtatious relationship with Frank that he does not reciprocate. She has told him that in his future they will have kids, but that might have been a lie she used to get him to help her steal the Brane Cutter from the Interdimensional Invaders. However, this crime gets her arrested by the Time Police, where she awaits trial.

Xian – An alien race that looked like a cross between a squid and a tiger. They fought and defeated the Zhessessenese. They implanted a translation chip into Frank’s head. They have a secret base on Neptune that they’ve been using to observe mankind. The Xian have their minds taken over by the Origin and used by it to spread the infection, including to Frank and his team, but in the future the Origin is wiped from existence so none of that ends up happening.

The Origin – an alien that vaguely looked like a eyestalk-less gigantic slug made of a slime-like substance. At its peak, it was quite gigantic. It had the ability to control the thoughts of others by implanting its essence within the persons body. It used micro-biomechanoids fueled by its own body to take over most of the Xian race, “freeing” them, and through them Frank and his crew. It tried to use Frank to take control of the human race. In the future, it is been rendered powerless by Frejya. When it agrees to help Kink steal the Brane Cutter from the Invaders, it barely has the mass of a human and is forced to live in a containment suit to survive. It agrees to help her in order to use the Brane Cutter to cut through Freyja’s temporal barriers and travel back in time to prevent its neutering. Unfortunately, his revenge against Freyja fails and he is torn apart by the Invaders and erased from existence.

Interdimensional Invaders– creatures from outside the universe that have the ability to erase someone from existence. They appear to look like giant evil beetles though their true appearance is hard to tell as they exist in more than three dimensions. They use a device called a Brane Cutter to tear a hole into the fabric of space/time so they can pass into our universe.

Gra– it is the same species as the crimson figure. Like all members of its species, it has the ability to control rock and metals. He agrees to help Kink steal the Brane Cutter to prevent the death of his species which occurred when their home planet was destroyed when their star implodes. Unfortunately, the act of breaking through time and using the Brane Cutter attracts the notice of both the Time Police and Frejya and allows the Invaders another opening into the the universe. In the end, Freyja must destroy the tear in space/time taking the planet with it.

Grow– an alien fungus with the ability to control whatever it has bonded to. When it fought alongside Frank and Kink against the Invaders it was bonded to an animal that looked like a cross between a squirrel and an ant tripled in size that was then stuffed into a tortoise shell. Its reason for joining is unknown as it was wiped from existence after it tried to bond with an Interdimensional Invader.

Pahf– His race evolved on a gas giant. His appears to be greenish smoke and has the the ability to regulate his density and to a smaller degree his personal gravity. He joined with Kink to try to fight the Interdimensional Invaders and steal the Brane Cutter. His true reason for participating will remain unknown as he was wiped from existence when trying to hold an Invader.

The Time Police – an organization devoted to protecting the integrity of the time stream. They are based outside of time in the Central Hub. They are in a constant cold war with Freyja. Among the tools they use are time grenades that explode with a burst of frozen time and time knobs that create doorways in space/time.

The Crimson Figure – Its name is Na Fru and is purported to be a deranged criminal that was imprisoned on earth during the time of the dinosaurs for “perverting science”. While there it continued to do experiments, using rock creatures as its minions. It’s skin was a metallic crimson that had the appearance of being a liquid. It wears a grey harness across its shoulders with tubing and elaborate ornamentation.

Dinozens – A race of creatures who appeared to have evolved from the dinosaurs. They are a monarchy, ruled by a king. In the middle of their village is a statue that looks very similar to the Crimson Figure. Members of their race include Tyrannex, the Dinozen’s Master of War and the Princess, who Jamal has had intimate relations with.

The Ninja King – Akuhei, the master of the ninja clan. He hates Frank.

Retched Refuse – They are a band of freedom fighters who fight against Freyja’s oppressive rule. They lived in one of the Freetowns in the caves below the cities of the Earth. They fly around in a battle-ready garbage truck. Among their number is the pink mohawked Filth and Sludge, a large man whose long hair changed color as he moved.

Zhessessenese – A race of aliens who fought and were defeated by the Xian.

Independent Martian Federation – A group of people who oppose Freyja’s rule and wish for a free and independent Mars. Their attempt at revolution does not go well. Among them is Hodge, a man who was tasked to assassinate the Queen, and General Little who is in charge of the Martian Defense Force.

The Upside down creature – This alien is purple and green. It speaks with its seven hands by making clapping and snapping sounds. It gets around by swinging along rungs on the ceiling, where it keeps all its stuff. He blames the Xian for the slaughter of his people. He is unaware that they were being controlled by the Origin when they did this. He took Frank prisoner and when the Xian came to rescue him they killed the Upside Down alien, against Frank’s protestations. Unbeknownst to Frank, these Xian were infected as well.

Worm Creatures– Green worm-like creature with tentacle sprouting from their face. They were used as weapons in at least one instance by the Origin.

The Chaotic Zone– an area in space that because it borders a rip in space/time the laws of physics don’t necessarily apply allowing people to survive there without the protection of a space suit.


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