Threatening Freyja’s Baby Daddy

“I tried,” I told her. “But Kink won’t listen. She’s determined to stop your mother.”

“I know,” the future version of Tilly said matter-of-factly.

“Since she can’t erase Freyja she’s going to try to erase you, hold your conception hostage. She’s going to make it so you never existed.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Freyja has already planned for that eventuality. It’s not going to work. Kink’s not going to be able to interfere. Like all her so-called ‘important moments’, Freyja has locked it out, made it impossible for anyone to get anywhere near it, physically or temporally. Not even she could stop my birth from happening. That moment is untouchable. The real problem we’re going to have to worry about is where Kink will go next when she realizes that her plan won’t work.”

“Judging by that look on your face, you already know where that will be, so why don’t you fill me in.”

“It’s quite simple, Frank. If Kink can’t go after me or my mother, the only person in the equation who’s still vulnerable is…”

“Jamal? You really think she would do that? I mean, your mother cares for him, I guess, but not enough to sacrifice her empire just to save him.”

“Weren’t you listening, Frank? It’s not about my father. It’s about me. If Kink can eliminate my father before I’m conceived, she will effectively eliminate me. Unlike my mother, my father is not protected and neither is his line. If my mother doesn’t give in and she won’t, I’ll be wiped out of existence.”

“Your mother won’t let that happen,” I assured Tilly. “She loves you.”

“Who knows what my mother will do. History is not certain on that. Who knows what she’ll stoop to to stop Kink. Who knows what she’ll do to get revenge on her. All I know for certain is that it won’t be good. We need to stop her.”

“I’m with you there. They both need to be stopped.”

“Good. Then we’re agreed.”

Tilly reached out and grabbed me. There was a flash and we were gone from the room. We reappeared on what strangely seemed like a rooftop on Earth. “Where are we?” I asked.

“What does it look like?” TIlly replied, giving me a strange look. “A rooftop on Earth.”

“What are we doing here?”

“We’re here to save my father.”

“Save him from what?”

Tilly pointed ahead of them. “From her.”

They could see Kink float down the street. She hadn’t exactly made an effort to blend into her surroundings. “She’s looking for Jamal?”

“She’s stalking him,” Tilly said. “And we need to stop her. And we need to stop her now! Before its too late.”

“You mean before she gets to him?”

“I mean before Freyja gets to her.” She pointed as a spaceship appeared, hovering over the skyline.

“Is she crazy!” I yelled. “If Jamal is here, she could kill him with that thing when she tries to stop Kink just as easily as Kink could do it herself!”

“That’s my mother,” Tilly said with a resigned sigh. “Why just squash a single bug when destroying an entire planet will do the same job?”

“But she might kill Jamal!” I yelled, looking for a way down. “Isn’t that what she’s trying to prevent?”

“Mostly she’s trying to win. But don’t worry, Frank.” Tilly grabbed my arm. “She’s probably already prepared a way around it.”

“Around murdering your father before you’re born? How the hell could she do that.”

Tilly pulled me forward as we started to phase through the roof. “My guess, she’ll just replace him with an earlier version.”

“Can she do that? Is that possible?”

“Who knows? But if she can’t, having that horn will make coming up with another way much easier.”

We reached the ground and Tilly started running toward Kink. I did my best to keep up, but every other person out in the street was running the opposite way. Well, maybe not everyone. More than a few people were standing on the sidewalk gawking at the spaceship hovering over their neighborhood. Understandable. For them, something as mundane as a spaceship from the far off distant future floating over their homes wasn’t something they saw every day. For me, it was one of the least amazing things that has happened to me in a long time.

“Get out of here!” I yelled to them. “Go! Run!” But they didn’t listen and I didn’t have the time to make them. Kink was already preparing a counter attack. Using the power of the horn, she made the buildings themselves change. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as they began to grow arms and legs and rise from the ground.

“Stop it! Stop!” Tilly yelled at Kink, at her mother, but of course, neither of them could hear her, not over the sound of living buildings attacking a spaceship. Tilly stopped as the buildings began to explode from Freyja’s ship’s weapons. She turned around and grabbed my hand. “Come on!”

She pulled me forward as we angled away from the fighting. We went running right toward a building. I closed my as she went running right into the wall. She, of course, phased right through it. I opened my eyes just in time to see the wall coming quickly toward me, I barely had time to let out a yelp.

to be continued…


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