Time Cops Can’t Stop Kink

“Step back, Kink,” the lead Time Cop ordered. “Due to the extenuating circumstances, we were willing to give you some leeway, but you’re about to violate serious temporal laws.”

“Violate? I’m trying to keep him from making serious changes to the time stream!” she yelled back. “I’m trying to save us all!”

“Those are not your decisions to make. Come with us willingly and we’ll be lenient.”

“You want to ruin everything?”

“We are doing our jobs. And we take it very seriously. Now, come along before we have to detain you by force.”

“By force?”

“You know you cannot run from us. You cannot escape us. You are under arrest, Kink. Submit or we will make you.”

“Oh, yeah? How about choice three?”

Before anyone could react, Kink reached up and tore the horn from my head. I grabbed my forehead and doubled over in pain. When the pain subsided, I looked back up, ready to yell at Kink, but I immediately noticed that the Time Cops were gone! “Where did they…What did you do!?” I demanded.

“What I needed to,” Kink replied.

“Kink, what did you do!?”

“What needed to be done.”

Kink!” I screamed. “What did you do!?!

“What does it look like, Frank? I erased them!”

“Erased them?” David asked. “From here? Or…?”

“History. Existence. I erased them from Existence. They no longer exist.”

“Just them or…?”

“All of them. I erased every single Time Cop.”

“You what!?” Doc exclaimed.

“Ok, calm down there. Technically, I didn’t erase anyone. I just erased the Time Cops organization from existence. So, every person that was ever part of the time cops still exists. They’re all still around…probably. I didn’t hurt anyone. It’s just the organization that never existed. All those people just had to find a new job. You know, one that didn’t involve bothering me.”

“Are you insane!?!” Tilly yelled at her. “Do you know what you’ve done!?! Do you understand what you’ve done? Do you get what the Time Cops do? What horrible things they prevent?”

“I think I have an idea what they do, little girl. We’ve had a few run-ins.”

“Run-ins? You idiot! They’re not just cops! They’re soldiers, too! Do you realize who they keep away?”

“Me,” Freyja said appearing instantly in the room. “They were keeping me away.”

We all gasped in horror as we realized who was here. Freyja Reina Del Tiempo, the woman who rules humanity for over 3000 years in the future. The Time Cops have been trapped in an endless war fighting against her, trying to keep her dominion contained. Hers is an empire of suffering and cruelty.

She is also Mathilda’s mother.

Jamal immediately stepped in front of his daughter. “Get away from her! You can’t have her!”

Freyja laughed. “I’m not here for her, sweetie. Thanks to Kink here, I have no one standing between me an total domination of the timeline. Soon all of time and space will belong to me. But its cute that you think you could keep her from me if I wanted her.”

“Maybe he can’t,” Tilly said. “But I can.”

“Maybe one day, Matti sweetheart, you’ll be powerful enough to stop me, but not today,” her mother said. “Besides, I’m not even here for you. I’m here for that.”

Kink looked at the horn in her hand. “You’re going to have to pry it from my cold dead fingers.”

Freyja nodded. “Sounds like a good deal to me.”

“Not if I don’t erase you first,” Kink said. A look of concentration passed over her face, then frustration, and finally confusion.

“Not working, is it, dear?” Freyja asked. “Oh, didn’t I tell you? I’m impervious to manipulations of the universal reality.”

“What?” Kink exclaimed. “That’s not possible!”

“For you maybe, but I’m Freyja Reina Del Tiempo. For me, anything is possible.”

“She’s telling the truth,” I said. “The reality change doesn’t effect Tilly either. Or at least not her awareness of it.”

“I can make it so you were never born,” Kink threatened.

“Only if you knew who my parents were and if anyone knew that I’d be gone by now. There’s no closer guarded secret in all of space and time.”

“I could travel into your dominion, into your own personal timeline and track them down.”

“You want to go to war, Kink?” Freyja asked, amused. “Bring it on. I’m ready for you and your little horn.”

“No!” Tilly shouted. “You need to stop this! You both need to stop this!”

“It’ll all stop once she gives me the horn,” Freyja said.

“Stop it, Freyja,” Jamal said. “You don’t want to do this.”

“Oh, I absolutely do, Jamal. Which is why it’s what I’m doing.”

“And when you get it?” Tilly asked. “Then what? You can change everything, right? But you can’t change me. You do this, I’ll never love you.”

to be continued…


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