Frank Handles the Horn

I scooped the horn up and held it in my hand. I was surprised by how light it felt. With all the power it contained, the power to reshape everything around me, it should have been heavier, more substantial. It should have had real weight. It shouldn’t have felt like a children’s toy.

My attention was soon drawn away from the horn, back to the Zlodeyskiys and their fighting. It was so petty and stupid. They were going to kill each other for their own egos. They were father and son. They should love each other. They shouldn’t be like this.

“Stop this!” I yelled. “That’s enough!” But they didn’t listen. They just continued to fight. If they wouldn’t listen, I couldn’t stop them. I couldn’t just walk into the middle of them. All that would do was get me hurt. But what else could I do? I looked at the horn in my hand. I could use this to stop them. It had the power. I had the power. It was in my hands so its power was now mine. I could make them stop. With just a thought, I could pull them apart. With just a thought…

Suddenly, they were flung apart like magnetic polar opposites. I hadn’t even meant to and yet it had happened. But as they picked themselves up, they continued to glare at each other. They looked like they were getting ready to start fighting again, that any second now they would just run at each other and it would all begin again.

“No,” I said. They both turned toward me, their anger momentarily redirected. But it was just for a moment, their focus was already getting ready to turn back on each other, until they realized in unison what I had in my hand.

“Let go of that,” Zlodeyskiy said, his tongue tripping over his new giant teeth. “It is mine.”

“It is mine,” Mayhew growled and didn’t wait another second to start coming toward me so he could take it away. His father immediately upon seeing this began rushing toward me as well. He was going to lose this competition. In seconds, they were both racing at me, as interested with beating each other as they were with getting the horn.

But I had the horn. And with it in my hands, I could stop them. I could stop all of this. “Stop,” I commanded and they were both frozen in their tracks, unable to move. My new power working at full force. “I’m putting an end to this.”

But Mayhew wasn’t listening. Not this new Mayhew. He would never listen. All he would do was rant and rave. “You can’t do this to me!” he roared.

I shook my head. This was not something I had to put up with any more. I was in control now. “I’m done with you. I want the old Mayhew back. The REAL Mayhew.” And suddenly the new musclebound, reptilian Mayhew was gone and the real Mayhew was returned in his place. He looked very confused.

But I wasn’t done yet. I had more work to do. I looked at Zlodeyskiy, at his monstrous new look, his spider legs, his pointy teeth, and twisted gruesome face. I was not going to let him stay like that. “And you’re going back too,” I told him, but before he could react he was back to the old Imrie Zlodeyskiy.

“Dad?” Mayhew asked timidly, seeing his father for the first time in over a week.

But Zlodeyskiy ignored him. He was instead transfixed on me. “You won’t get away with this.”

“You mean fixing things?” I asked. “Undoing all the horrors that you’ve brought on this world? Is that what I won’t get away with?”

“I am Zlodeyskiy!” he roared. “No one is allowed to embarrass me!”

“Only you’re allowed to do it, right?”

He started to reply, but I snapped my fingers. “That’s enough out of you.” And he could no longer speak. “I’m going to fix everything you broke.”

I turned to the Sharkwoman and Lu Wu. With a thought, she changed back into her human form. I healed her fully. Shayu was breathing again. I healed Lu Wu, too.

Tilly was next. She appeared hovering in front of me. “Solid,” I said.

I lowered her to the ground and she did not go through it. “What’s going on?” she asked. “How are you…?” I held the horn up to her. “You got the horn.”


She looked over at the hovering Zlodeyskiys. “I guess you beat the bad guys.”

“They sort of beat themselves,” I admitted.

“Now, you need to right the world. Put us back in it.”

“Yes. I need to undo what the General did.“

to be continued…


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