Mayhew Learns Some Truth

Suddenly, my body was filled with such pain that I couldn’t help but scream. I collapsed to the ground so exhausted. It took me a second after the pain started to subside to realize that it wasn’t me screaming anymore, but it was now Mayhew who had started.

“It’s ok, Mayhew,” I said, my voice weak, my throat raw. “Everything’s ok.”

“No!” he yelled at me, backing away. “Who are you? What are you? Where is my mother!?”

“Stop whining,” Zlodeyskiy sneered. “You know where your mother is. She is buried in the ground, as she has been for the past decade.”

“No,” Mayhew replied obstinately. “I want Mother Fran! Where is Mother Fran! I want my mother!”

His father laughed as he turned to me on his giant spider legs. “Perhaps, you would like to explain it to him?”

Did I want to explain this to this young boy, this convoluted plot? No, I most certainly did not. Would I rather leave it to his father? Not at all. Better he hear from me, someone who cares about him, then from his father, who was taking such pleasure in his cruelty. “This is going to sound confusing, Mayhew,” I began, coming back to my feet “but this is not our reality. Your father altered it. He changed it. He changed his country. He changed his power. He changed himself. He changed his family. He made it so that I was his wife and Lina his daughter.”

“You’re not my mother,” Mayhew said, stubbornly.

“I was. I was Fran Stone, an undercover operative. Your father made me your mother when he changed everything.”

Mayhew backed away from me. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m saying I was Fran. I am Fran. I was your mother. But that was because of what your father did. He changed reality.”

“Why do you keep saying that? That makes no sense!”

“I know it’s weird and unbelievable, but look at him. Look at your father. Look at what he’s become. Could he have become like that if he didn’t have some kind of strange power?”

“Yes, son,” Zlodeyskiy said. “I have power. Lots of power! Come to my side and I will show it to you.”

Mayhew looked at him and backed away. He still couldn’t stand his father’s new appearance and Zlodeyskiy still didn’t try to change back.

“It’s that horn on the top of your father’s head,” I told him. “It doesn’t belong to him. He stole it from someone else and that person took it from a great monster from another world. It doesn’t belong here. It doesn’t belong to him.”

“Horn?” Mayhem looked confused, then took a good look at his father. He did a doubletake. “I didn’t even know that was there.”

“It is power incarnate, my son,” Zlodeyskiy said. “Together we can rule this world.”

“I don’t want to rule this world,” Mayhew yelled at him. “I just want things to go back the way they were! I want my house back! I want my family back! I want my mother back!”

“What about me? What about your father?” Zlodeyskiy roared. Mayhew screamed of fright as his father grabbed him with his spidery appendage. “Don’t you care about me?” Zlodeyskiy seethed. “You little brat! I should’ve wished you out of this world! All you do is whine and complain! Where is the Zlodeyskiy strength? Where is the Zlodeyskiy heart? I thought you could prove you were otherwise, like I had to to my father. But I know now you are nothing! And I no longer have need of you! You don’t want to have a father? Well, I don’t want to have a son!”

And then suddenly, Mayhew was gone, as if he were never there. I gasped audibly. “What did you do?” I demanded. “What did you do to Mayhew?”

Zlodyskiy’s eyes went wide with shock as he realized what he had done. “Mayhew? Mayhew? Son? Oh my god, what have I done? What have I done?”

“You killed him,” I gasped. I couldn’t believe it. I had taunted Zlodeyskiy, telling him that he didn’t care about his son because he often times didn’t seem to. But I never thought Zlodeyskiy would actually kill him. Never did I think he would wipe his son out of existence. “How could you do that?”

Zlodeyskiy’s eyes were tearing up. I might’ve felt sorry for him even if he weren’t still a hideous monster. Was it harsh to criticize him for not reverting back to a more human form? I mean, he could do it. He had the power. But he had just erased his son from existence. He was heartbroken. You couldn’t blame him for not thinking about what he looked like. But then again he was a madman who was trying to take over the world with his genetically modified soldiers and magically-created dragons who had just wiped his son from existence in a fit of rage, so let’s not get too out of hand. He has earned whatever hardships he has got.

However, his son did not. Mathew was a sweet boy, an innocent. He deserved to live. “Bring him back,” I said.

to be continued…


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