Look at What Comes Out of the General’s Hole

Lu Wu moved toward the hole. “I will not let you tear apart the fabric of space/time! This plan, too, will fail!”

Lu stepped up to the hole and raised his hand in front of it, but as he did a fist appeared from inside. It came flying out toward Lu and smashed him in the face. He fell to the ground as a foot stepped out in front of him. Lu looked up in shock as Hera, the General’s right hand woman, emerged from the hole. She glanced down at him. “You can’t escape from me this time, sorcerer.”

“I will defeat you,” Lu Wu said, climbing back to his feet, then he remembered I was there and added, “We will defeat you.”

She snorted. “Good thing I’m not alone then.” More than a dozen Dracs came out of the hole behind her. “Kill them!” Hera commanded and the Dracs rushed toward us.

I backed up hoping to create some room to maneuver, but Lu stayed put. With the wave of his hand a sudden gust of hurricane-force wind blew the Dracs off their feet, landing several dozen yards away.

“Nice trick,” Hera said. “But I’d like to see you try that with him.” Hera stepped aside as she gestured back at the hole. We watched intently as a reptilian face emerged from the tear in reality. It stretched its long neck up, opened its mouth, and let loose a stream of fire!

Lu raised his hands and split the flame so that instead of burning us into ashes it just flew harmlessly off to either side of us. Not that it wasn’t still pretty damn hot, but at least neither of us got burnt.

We backed away as the dragon emerged from wherever Lu had sent it through the rip in space. Things were not looking up for us. We were once again greatly outnumbered and the bad guys now outweighed us by several tons.

“Now, who is the master?” the magical floating disembodied head of General Zlodeyskiy cackled. “What can your knowledge do for you now?”

“It is not wise to laugh at knowledge,” Lu Wu replied. “It can always help in any situation. For instance, I know that your henchmen are all reptiles. And I know that reptiles do not like the cold.” Lu raised his hands in the air and snow began to shoot out of them.

Within seconds, we were all covered in freezing snow. The Dracs curled up on the ground, as if preparing for some kind of hibernation. The dragon, however, did not go down so easily. He let out an angry roar before he bared down on Lu preparing to let out a monstrous flame. But Lu was quicker. He raised his hand up to the dragon’s face and ice flew from his hand into the dragon’s open mouth.

The dragon’s face was covered in ice. His mouth was filled with it. I could see it struggling, shaking its head angrily. At first, I wondered if the creature had brain freeze, but then it started to look more like the dragon was struggling to breath. The snow must have completely blocked its airways. I could see the ice in its mouth light up. Clearly, the dragon was trying to melt the ice with its fire. It was really the only option the creature had. The dragon took a deep breath and then…its head exploded!

“Even your monsters can not overcome my experience and knowledge, Zlodeyskiy,” Lu said, calmly, as if a giant mythological creature hadn’t just exploded only a few feet away from where he was standing. “You are running out of options. Face it, you are defeated. Surrender, General. It is the only rational thing to do.”

Before the General could reply, or anyone could say anything else, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. “Lu!” I called, but I was too slow and she was much too fast. With one quick movement, Hera spun Lu around and punched him. Lu collapsed to the ground and Hera stood over him. “Has experience not taught you to make sure your enemies are actually defeated?”

Hera stepped over Lu’s fallen form, as if he were nothing, and grabbed me around the throat. She lifted me up into the air and began to consider what she’d do next. Not that she had to do anything. I tried to struggle, but she was much too strong for me and all I cared about at the moment was getting another breath, not that it seemed as if she would ever let me. This could very realistically be the end. She didn’t have ot do anything and it would be over. I could already feel myself starting to pass out.

“Hey!” someone called out of my limited eye line. “Did you forget about me? I am not defeated either.” As things started to go dark, I recognized the Sharkwoman’s voice. I could hear her marching toward us. “And I do not like to see someone hurting my beloved.”

Hera tossed me aside as if I were nothing. And I felt great relief with it. I never felt better to be dismissed so easily. As I gasped for breath, Hera turned toward the Sharkwoman, hands up, egging her on. “Come, monster. Let’s see how tough you are without your beloved to save you.”

The Sharkwoman ran toward her, but Hera was too fast for her. A punch to the gut and the Sharkwoman was doubled over. “I am a warrior. You are an abomination,” Hera told her. “You never really had a chance against me.”

to be continued…


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