The Disembodied Head of Imrie Zlodeyskiy

Na Fru charged the General, letting out a furious roar. He reached back with his good arm and swung for the man’s face. The General caught his punch easily. Na Fru stared at it with shock and amazement. I was stunned as well. How could such a thing happen? Na Fru was not flesh and blood like us. He was made of living inorganic material. He weighed thousands of pounds. The force of his blow should have turn skin and bone apart as if it were wet toilet paper.

“And you are the one who is fragile.” The General kicked Na Fru in his chest and the man of living stone shattered like he was made of cheap porcelain.

Na Fru’s fist and the forearm attached to it remained in the General’s hand. The General looked at it for a second then tossed it away as if it were nothing. Na Fru’s head lay on the ground, still mostly intact, still alive and moving. “How…?” Na Fru gasped.

The General didn’t answer. He simply took a step forward, stepping on the head, and let his foot come down, cracking Na Fru’s head into little pieces in the process. The General locked up at me and smiled. “And now for you, Quantum man.”

Lu Wu stepped between us. “You will not hurt him, Zlodeyskiy. I will not allow it.”

“Allow?” the General laughed. “What can you do to stop me?”

“Try it and find out.”

“With a touch of my hand, I shattered that man of rock. What do you think I can do to you?”

“I think you don’t know what you’re doing, General. I think you’re like a child behind a wheel of a car.”

“A child?” the General snarled. “You think I’m a child? Is that what you think? Can a child do this?”

I jumped back as the General reached out toward us with his hand. He couldn’t physically touch us, but after what he did to Na Fru. I wasn’t about to take that chance. Lu Wu didn’t even flinch. Sparks flew from the General’s hand, but nothing happened. Lu Wu remained unimpressed. “Is that the best you can do, General?”

The General looked at his hands in bewilderment. Whatever he had done had clearly failed and he couldn’t understand why. This just made him angrier. He threw his hands at us again, both of them this time, but once again there was nothing but impotent sparks.

“You may have found yourself with some power, General,” Lu said. “But power alone can never compete with experience. Let me show you what I can do.”

A disc of light appeared in Lu Wu’s hands. He tossed it at the General. General ZLodeyskiy tried to dodge it, but wherever he went the disc followed, getting closer all the while. Within seconds, it caught him, passing into his neck and just hovering there. That was not what I had been expecting to happen when it caught him. Neither did the General. He reached up toward his neck cautiously, checking for blood. But there was no blood.

The General snorted, unimpressed. “This was your big move? All you did was make my neck glow.”

“No,” Lu replied, confidently. “The spell isn’t over yet.” Lu held his hands out, one on top of the other and then he slowly began to separate them. The General grabbed at his own throat. He let out a panicked gasp as the disc began to separate into two. As the one disc became two, so did the General’s head separate from his neck. The General’s body collapsed like a marionette whose strings had been cut while his head remained floating in the air on the disc. That was a little more impressive.

“What?” the General gasped, speaking somehow despite his head’s disconnect from his lungs. “What did you do to me?”

“What did I do?” Lu repeated. “I put an end to this, General. You may have power, but you lack greatly in knowledge. All you are is brute strength. You are a bully, so you think power is all you need. But without your body, you are weak. You can hurt no one.”

“Is that what you think?” the General asked. Even as just a disembodied head, he was still defiant. If he wasn’t a power hungry, mass murderer, I might have actually been able to respect that. “You think I am defenseless? You think I am weak? I am Zlodeyskiy! I am strength! Body or no!”

Suddenly, the General’s decapitated body began to spasm. Then it started to swell in random places. As it rose to its feet, I realized that the body wasn’t swelling. It was muscle growth. It’s muscles were tripling in size! The headless muscle-bound body started to lurch forward. It lunged toward Lu Wu reaching for his neck.

Lu Wu raised his hand and a fireball burst from his palm. The General’s headless body was immediately set ablaze. And with a flash, it collapsed to the ground. Within seconds, all that remained was a hot pile of ash. “Nice try, General,” Lu said, “but there is nothing you can do that I can’t stop.”

“Is that right?” the head of General Zlodeyskiy replied.

Then suddenly the ashes of his body burst into flames again. We stared at it with surprise, confusion. What was he planning? And then suddenly, it exploded in a big fireball. But when the fireball was gone, what remained was a large hole in the air.

to be continued…


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