The Rock Man’s Heel Turn

Na Fru had the General completely pinned down now. There was nowhere the General could go. He couldn’t escape! A tail began to grow from the back of Na Fru rock puppet. The tip of the tail was sharp like a spear and it was hanging over the General’s head! “You don’t need to kill him, Na Fru!” I yelled. “You just need to knock him out. We have him beat. There’s no need to kill him!”

“Don’t be a fool,” Na Fru replied. “He is a threat and must be eliminated.”

“That doesn’t mean you have to kill him!”

“What difference does it make? He is an organic. You are not everlasting like a stone. Instead your lives are like shards of ice so fragile, so quick to melt.”

“He is a person! An intelligent, living thing! You can’t just kill him! It’s immoral!” I was begging for the General’s life. Who would have thought I would ever be in that position, but here I was. Despite everything, Zlodeyskiy had done. He was still a man. Murdering him in a cold blood- and that’s what this would be: Murder. There was no question about it. He was defeated. Pinned to the ground, screaming in pain, he wasn’t fighting back anymore. General Zlodeyskiy had lost and now Na Fru was going to murder him.

“This has nothing to do with morals. This is about survival.” The man of living metal, of living stone said. His voice was cold like stone. The alien from a distant planet, the near immortal. Why had I thought I understood him? Why had I thought I could trust him? Because I was desperate. That’s why. The General was bent on taking over the world and he needed to be stopped. But he was stopped now. He didn’t need to be murdered and that was what Na Fru was aiming to do. To stomp him like a bug. Na Fru dropped the spiked tail toward the General’s head and I was powerless to stop him. The spike slammed into the General’s head. I screamed in outrage, but Na Fru didn’t care.

I didn’t want to look, but I had to. I had to see it, see what he had done, what we had done. There was the General’s face, smashed in by Na Fru’s giant puppet. But…there was no blood, no viscera. And then suddenly, the General’s head collapsed in on itself, turning to dust, and a second later his entire body followed, turning completely to dust, as if every once of organic matter had been replaced by rock. “What did you do?” I asked, accusing, wondering how appalled I should be.

“What?” Na Fru was staring at the ground below us. I could see on his face he was just as confused as I was. He hadn’t done this. “That’s not how organics work. That’s not supposed to happen. That’s not…No.” Na Fru shook his head. A look of determination replaced the confused one. “It doesn’t matter,” he told himself. “All that matters is that he’s gone and I am victorious.” He turned slowly toward me. “Now all that remains is to get rid of you.”

“Get rid of? What are you talking about?” I asked, not liking the sound of that on bit. “We were working together.”

“Yes,” he agreed. “And together we defeated our adversary. Our goal has been accomplished and so our partnership is at an end. It is time to move onto our next goals. Mine is domination of the organics.”

“But I brought you back to life!” I protested. I couldn’t understand how he could turn on me so quickly like this.

“No,” he explained. “You roused me from what may have turned into an endless slumber. And I thank you for that. You showed me that my life can still have purpose, that there are still things that need to be accomplished. But in turn I solved your problem as well. You wanted the General gone and now he is gone. I have eliminated him. You helped me and I helped you. We are even. My debt is paid. Now it is time for me to claim this planet for my people.”

“But what about your people? We were going to save them! They’re in trouble! Their whole planet is in trouble! I told you that!”

“That was what you said. But did you speak the truth? How am I to know? There is no way to prove what you said. But even if it were true, you said that their troubles were in the future. So if what you said is true, then I still have time to save them and save them I will. Our home is threatened you say, then I will give my people a new home. This will be our new home.”

to be continued…


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