Grappling Giants

I punched the General in the face and then again a second time, but when I went for a third punch he caught my fist. I tried to smack him with my other hand, but he caught that attempt, too. I tried to free my hands, the hands of the massive rock puppet, from the General’s giant hands, but before I could the General placed his foot against my stomach and flipped me over him. I landed on the mountain that had used to be his palace. I hoped no one was still in there.

General Zlodeyskiy crouched over me and began punching me in the head, punching the puppet in the head. Thankfully, I couldn’t feel his punches, as my face hadn’t been covered by Na Fru’s interactive stone suit. Still, that didn’t mean his attack wasn’t dangerous. Ff he kept it up he’d break the dome that was surrounding us, protecting us and then I would feel every inch of that fist when it squashed me flat.

I reached out to grab his wrist, but instead I caught him at the elbow. The General swatted my hand away. But that had given me enough time to sit up and push him away. He stumbled backwards, but he recovered before I could get back on my feet. He jumped on me and started punching me on my back. I unfortunately could feel that all too well. I grabbed his ankle and put my shoulder into his leg above the knee, bringing him to the ground. I immediately started giving him kidney punches, but the General grabbed me and we started grappling.

I was on top, but neither of us really had the advantage. Clearly, Na Fru was not a fan of my strategy because he announced, “I think we’ve had enough of this.” There was a strange sensation in my stomach and seconds later the General began to scream.

“What did you do?” I demanded.

He tilted our viewpoint until I could see a spike coming out of the stomach of the rock puppet and into the stomach of the General. Na Fru had staked him to the ground without asking me, without asking my permission. He had taken over this fight. He had taken over my body, or at least the body he had given to me. “I put a stop to all this nonsense. It is time to end it.”

“This was want you wanted! You wanted me to fight him! That’s why you weren’t doing this, remember?”

“I wanted you win. Now, we are winning.”

“Now, you are cheating.”

“There is no cheating. This is a fight for survival, for domination. The strongest, the more powerful, the better will win. I will win.”

There was nothing I could do but watch as two more spikes formed from the giant rock creature’s abdomen. They shot out into the General’s thighs. I had to cover my ears from his screams and accidentally covered the rock creature’s nonexistent ears as well. The General’s hands were free now and he was not ready to give up just yet. He slammed his hands hard into the head of the statue. The impact stunned me. I could feel him squeezing on my head, crushing it. I could see the cracks begin to form in the dome around me. I tried to stop him, tried to get him to let go of my head, but I couldn’t stop him. He just wouldn’t let go!

The pressure was too much. I could barely fight him. I certainly couldn’t think of anything else to do. All I could think of was him squeezing my head. Then it shattered and I let out a massive scream. Only then did, Na Fru shut off the sensation. With the pain suddenly gone, I realized my head was still intact. I was still alive. But now there were rocks raining down. The dome was gone. It had been shattered. Worse than falling rocks was the realization that there was now nothing standing between me and the giant-sized General. There was nothing to protect me from him. Seeing his giant smile, he knew it as well as I did. He could just reach out and crush us with his bare hands.

But I moved first. I grabbed his hands and held them tight. I wasn’t going to let him get a shot at me, the real me. He was struggling. I could no longer feel him, but I could see it, his gritted teeth, his veins bulging on his forehead. I held on for dear life, but I didn’t know if it was going to be enough.

Then he let out a scream of pain. I couldn’t understand why. I had done nothing to make his scream like that. Then I noticed the blood streaming down his arms. Then I realized it wasn’t something I had done, it was something Na Fru had done. But what? What had he done? I tried to let go of the General, but Na Fru had take away my control. I could no longer move the puppet. I could no longer move at all! He had me trapped in this stone suit! “What are you doing?” I screamed at him.

I was powerless. All I could was watch as the rock giant pushed the General’s blood covered hands to the ground. Na Fru glanced at me. “Ending this,” he said.

to be continued…


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