This Time It’s the Horn That Causes the Man to Grow

The Sharkwoman snarled as she charged at General Zlodeyskiy. Her mouth was open, showing everyone of her teeth, as she prepared to bite into him, but she never got the chance. The General swatted her away as if she were a fly.

“Shayu!” Lu Wu screamed. Lightning flew from his finger tips and shot out at the still growing General. He grimaced in pain. The General reached out and grabbed Lu in his gigantic hand. Lu continued to shoot lightning out as he was lifted up into the air. Then the General began to squeeze.

“Boost, Frank?” Tilly prompted. I nodded, as I figured out her plan. She ran toward me, stepping into my interlocked hands. As I threw her upwards, she phased greatly reducing her mass, allowing her to fly much higher. Tilly went soaring upwards, but before she reached Lu she began to slow down. It didn’t look like she would make it. The General was just too tall now. But he wasn’t paying us any mind. His full attention was on squishing Lu and stopping the lightning. So he didn’t move his hand away and it was looking like maybe, just maybe, Tilly would be able to do it. She would be close.

She reached out with her right hand toward Lu’s foot. She tried to grab him, but I couldn’t tell from my perspective. Did she get him? But then I saw she was falling back down and she was alone. Lu wasn’t with her. She failed. She couldn’t reach him. We couldn’t save him!

I could still see Lu in the General’s hand and the General squeezed with all his might. It looked like he had squished Lu flat. I feared the General must’ve killed him because Lu didn’t make a sound, not a single cry of pain. Then Lu disappeared inside the General’s hand, so large had it grown…no, wait! It wasn’t the fist that had grown. It was Lu! He was slipping! Lu was sliding right through the General’s enormous fist! And he was falling free!

Tilly had done it! She had freed him! She had been able to reach him and turn his molecules out of phase. The General couldn’t hurt him anymore! He couldn’t even touch him!

But then I realized Lu wasn’t slowing down. He wasn’t stopping his fall. Lu could fly. He had that power, but he wasn’t using it. All he was doing was falling! Oh, no! He was unconscious! He had passed out under the pressure! “Tilly!” I yelled. “You have to save him! Only you can touch him!”

Tilly looked at me. She was still in the air. She had remained in her phased state as she fell. Had she unphased, her mass would’ve returned to normal and she would have fallen too quickly. She would have hurt herself. At the moment, she couldn’t do much. But she was close enough to the ground that she could turn solid without harming herself. So she sighed. “OK, Frank. I got this.”

But the the General was paying full attention to us. He wasn’t about to let us get away with this rescue. He opened his arms wide and said, “No.”

At first, nothing seemed to have happened. But then Tilly hit the ground and instead of landing on the ground as a I solid object was supposed to, she continued to fall right through the ground. She looked at me with panic in her eyes. “Frank?”

I ran toward her and reached out for her hand, but my hand went through her. The General had made it so she couldn’t unphase. He had trapped her in her intangible form. There was nothing I could do! I couldn’t even touch her! Nothing could! All I could do was watch as she disappeared into the earth. “Tilly!”

But I had no time to grieve, I had to rush to catch Lu Wu. He was still falling. I had to hope that he would be tangible enough for me to catch or he would join Tilly falling through the earth. As I ran toward him, I noted he seemed to be falling quickly, much quicker than Tilly had. Which, I concluded, meant that he had reverted to his normal phase, which meant I would be able to catch him. But it also meant he was going to hit the ground soon and if he did, he might not survive it.

I sprinted toward him, as fast I could. I held my arms out to catch him. Lu’s weight went crashing into me and sent me to the ground. Ignoring my own pain, I rolled him off of me to see how he was. Clearly, he was tangible, so that was one problem out of the way. And he was breathing, that I could see, so he was alive. Nothing seemed to be broken on either of us. But he wasn’t conscious. He was completely out of it.

And just like that, I was on my own again.

to be continued…


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