Speaking the Truth to Power

We all watched in terror as the dragon came swooping down toward Lu. But Lu acted quickly and sent up a ball of flame that made the dragon hang back. The dragon wasn’t going to be defeated so easily. It let loose with its own breath of fire. We stood still watching the two streams of flame collide. It was quite hot. Lu Wu flew up into the air, breaking off the exchange of fire. The dragon immediately went after him in pursuit.

Unfortunately by now, the Dracs had righted themselves and with the flames gone, they were ready to fight. Out side had been whittled down to just Tilly and me. It looked like it was going to be up to us to hold them off. “I guess they’re ours, huh?”

“Unless you have more friends trapped around here,” Tilly said.

“Nope. Just you.”

“Then I guess we have no other choice.” Tilly raised her arm and unloaded on them with the laser her mother had implanted in there.

She took out three of the Dracs and managed to injure a couple more, but the rest of the army were already moving. Before we could do anything else they were on us. I tried to fight them, but they were too strong for me, too fast. Tilly tried to help, but there wasn’t much she could do. Her phasing was the only thing that was keeping her from being in trouble, too.

Before I knew it, they had me on the ground. A few minutes after I stopped being able to put up a fight, they stopped hitting me. They gathered me up and began to carry me down. My friends tried to save me, but they all had their own opponents who were more than willing to take advantage of the distraction I provided. One after the other, they were all forced to abandon me to save their own lives.

It wasn’t a short trip down the mountain. In fact, it was quite long. But there wasn’t much I could do to get free. I was still surrounded by over a dozen Dracs, each one of whom was much faster and stronger than me. Trying to get free at the moment would just lead to getting more hurt. My best chance would have been to get as many of us rolling down the mountain. But unless I could injure everyone of them in the attempt, it would just leave me more hurt and vulnerable. In the end, I decided to just take the time to recover.

As we got closer, I could that at the bottom was the General waiting for me. I guess this confrontation was going to have to happen sooner or later. And since I had no choice, it might as well be now. He looked angry and impatient, but that wasn’t a new look for him. The horn sticking out of his forehead, though, was. It really was amazing how I had been able to ignore it. It really stuck out quite prominently. You wouldn’t think something like that would be so easily forgotten. Even when looking at it, you could forget it was there. If I asked any of these soldiers about it right now, they would probably deny its existence and they would probably even mean it. I wondered if the horn naturally camouflaged itself or if that was Zlodeyskiy’s subconscious hiding it out of his own vanity. Either way its magic wasn’t working on me now.

“Who dares attack me?” The General roared before we were even all the way down. Like I said, he was impatient. “Who dares come to my home and attack me? Who dares destroy my house!?”

“You mean who dares do to your home what you’ve been doing to the rest of your Europe?” I replied, trying to keep my dignity as the Dracs put me back on my feet.

“What!? Who dares to speak to me this way!? Who has the audacity to address me in such a manner!?”

I grinned, as I came to the decision to tell him the truth. “Don’t you recognize me, honey? I’m your wife.”

The General froze. His face a mask of confusion. He looked at his lackeys who were too well-trained to react. He looked at me, completely befuddled. “…what?”

“Can’t you tell, Zlodey?” I gave him a big old smile. “It’s me. Fran. Or should I say Frank.”

The General chuckled uneasily. “Am I supposed to fall for this this?”

“It’s the truth. You don’t believe me? Lina’s back up on the mountain fighting your goons. You can ask your men. Anyone of them. They all saw her. Some of them were even punched by her right in their ugly face. Ask them. Go ahead. Ask them if they saw her.”

The General looked at his men, suspiciously, and for a second I thought that he might do it, that he might actually ask them, but instead he chose his much more standard response and grew incredibly angry. “And so what if she is!? What if she is up there? What does that prove? It proves nothing! You are not my wife! You can’t be! You are not even a woman!”

“No,” I admitted because there was no denying it. “I’m Frank Clay. Maybe you’ve heard of me?”

to be continued…


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