Caught Between an Army and a Sharp Place

The dragons reached down through the hole they had made in the mountain at us with their mouths wide open. I could see their faces coming toward us, pushing against each other to see who would eat us first. At this point, the best I could hope for was that they would start fighting each other over us, but, no, they remained completely focused on us. Their mouths came closer and closer, blocking out the sky behind them. All I could see was their teeth and their tongues. I swear I saw their uvulas, felt their saliva dripping on me. We were dead! I knew it! There was no escaping their jaws.

“Now!” Na Fru said as giant spikes erupted from the mountain, skewering the dragons, tearing their bodies. They screamed in sheer agony as they died. Two dragons managed to escape still alive. They flew off away from the mountain of death. Na Fru didn’t hesitate a second. The stone beneath him rose like a rocket as went after them.

“Na Fru!” I yelled, but he didn’t hear me or didn’t care to as he continued his pursuit.

The dragons, seeing him coming, separated. Na Fru turned to go after the more injured one. The stone man launched himself into the air at the dragon, slamming into at the base of its head. The creature was dazed for a second from the impact. Na Fru took advantage and secured his grip. The dragon, realizing what had just happened, tried to struggle, but Na Fru’s grip was too strong. Worse than that for the dragon, it seemed Na Fru was also too heavy. The dragon couldn’t stay aloft with his extra weight and they both went falling end over end, crashing into the mountain before tumbling down its side.

I pulled myself out of the hole and went running down the mountain after him. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that trying to run down the mountain was a dangerous ambition unless I wanted to go tumbling down it as well. I slowed down and carefully made my descent. I reached the dragon first. I was cautious as I approached it, just in case it was still alive. As close as I was, even an injured or dying dragon could have caused me serious injury, like from gutting me with its talons or swallowing me whole.

I needn’t have bothered. The dragon was dead. Its body broken from the fall. But what of Na Fru? I wondered. Could he have survived what this dragon had not? I climbed around the dragon and found Na Fru sprawled out. His right arm was barely still attached to his body. “Na Fru? Can you hear me? Na Fru?” He let out a groan and I felt a wave of relief. He wasn’t dead! He was still alive! Or he was for now, but in the state he was in, it seemed clear he was out of the fight.

I looked up into the sky and saw the last dragon soaring towards me. I looked down the mountain and I could see Hera climbing up for me. She had an army of Dracs marching behind her. I was alone. What could I do against them? I couldn’t fight a whole army. I couldn’t defeat a dragon. I was in serious trouble.

There was only one thing I could do. I had to get Na Fru somewhere safe. He was too hurt to defend himself. If I just left him out here, he would die as well. I might not make it out of this, but maybe he could. I tried to pick him up, but he was much too heavy for me to lift. I really had no choice. I was going to have to drag him. Careful of his injured arm, I tried to pull him up toward the peak but a burst of fire from the dragon made me stop. It roared at me. For some reason it sounded to me like laughter.

I had been too slow. The dragon was upon. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I could that Hera and her army of Dracs had made their way up. Any attempt to run from the dragon would lead me into the arms of the Dracs and trying to escape the army would turn me into dragon food. I was royally screwed.

“Surrender now,” Hera called up at me, “and your death will be swift and painless! The General will not be so kind.”

to be continued…


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