The Stone Man Fights Dragons

“Who dares!?” came a familiar enhanced voice. I looked down at the base of the newly made mountain, at the remains of the palace. It was General Imrie Zlodeyskiy, speaking through a megaphone. He sounded angry. “Who dares attack my home!? You will pay for this outrage! When I am through with you, you will wish for death!”

“The joke is on him,” Na Fru said to me. “I already have.”

Na Fru’s nihilism wasn’t filling me with confidence, or his gallow’s humor. On the other hand, the ease in which he handled the army of Dracs who were attempting to scale his mountain did. He shook them off it with the ease of a dog shaking off water. If those Dracs were the General’s only weapons, then we weren’t going to have anything to worry about.

Of course, I knew it wouldn’t be. Nothing in my life since that accident that made me who I am today has been. Especially my association with the General. He didn’t disappoint. That was when the General called in his Dragons.

These dragon were far different from his last batch. Only one of those had really resembled a true dragon. The other two much more resembled botched experiments. One had had trouble lifting its head, the other had had problems breathing. These dragons were not like that at all. They were not botched experiments. They were living, breathing, flying dragons. And there were a dozen of them. They blotted out the sun as if they were a giant living thunder cloud. A thunder cloud that breathed fire and had sharp teeth and talons. “I think we’re in trouble,” I said.

“Why?” Na Fru asked, his voice brimming with overconfidence. “Because of these bugs?”

The dragons flew at us like a swarm of bees, like a murderous flock of crows. It was terrifying to see the giant monsters bear down on us. Na Fru didn’t seem as impressed as I was. He waved his hands and rocks began to fly at them. The dragons, apparently not complete dummies, pulled back. One of them, however, was not as quick as the others. Unfortunately, his collision with a flying rock left him only slightly shaken. The others hovered in the air. In unison, they all shot fire at us, a blazing inferno of death. Na Fru raised a rock shield to block the flames. I could still feel the heat through the shield and I did not like it. I didn’t know if I could survive a couple minutes of that. Na Fru didn’t seem to mind.

Fortunately, the flames eventually stopped. Unfortunately, when they did, that was when the dragons started diving at us. Na Fru sent stone spikes at them, rising from the mountain. It was so quick. He left them no time to retreat. There was no chance for them to escape. The Dragons were coming toward us and the spikes were growing toward them. There was going to be a collision. Nothing was going to change that. That was clear. When it came, I thought we were going to have some dragon shish kebabs. But when the Dragons and the rock spikes collided it was not the Dragons who were skewered but the spikes that were snapped in half. I couldn’t believe it. What were these dragons made of?

But I had no time to worry because the dragons were still coming at us! Hands formed out of the mountain and began to swat at the dragons. The dragons were much quicker, but occasionally Na Fru would hit one. If nothing else he was keeping the dragons back. Unfortunately, since they could also breath fire, distance wasn’t much of an issue for them. “What are these creatures?” Na Fru exclaimed. “They are too strong! The rock is too weak! I cannot beat them!”

“Of course you can!” I told him. “You have to!”

Na Fru growled, but he kept trying. He turned the giant swatting rock hands into giant rock fists. It seemed to be more effective, the greater impact was shaking them, but still the dragons persisted. The fists were just too slow to take any of them out.

“I cannot pierce their skin with my spikes! I cannot hit them with my rocks! The hands are too slow!”

“You can’t give up! You have to keep fighting!”

“I am not giving up,” he snapped at me, “but nothing I do can harm them. Eventually, it will be them doing the attacking and I do not know how long we can stand up to their assault.”

“Then we better not give them the chance. You’re too slow. That’s the main problem. You need to hit them with enough force. I got it! You need to hit them with less area.”

“I have used spikes! Have you not been paying attention!”

“But you haven’t tried firing them. The more aerodynamic design of a spike will also allow them to fly faster.”

Na Fru glared at me, but he took my advice anyway and began firing spikes at them. It looked like I was right. He gutted one and smashed in another’s skull. He tore the wing of a third and it plummeted to the ground. He mumbled to himself and I tried not to look smug. That was made a lot easier by the dragons. It seemed our little bit of success had angered the dragons. They were starting to become more aggressive. They started to come right at us! I slid down off the peak to get away from them, but Na Fru didn’t move. He continued fighting back. But try as he may, he couldn’t hold them back. “Watch out!” I yelled to him. “They’re going to get you!”

to be continued…


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