So Long Subtlety

“I…am not opposed to that,” Na Fru said, “but weren’t we trying to be sneaky?”

“If we split up, the likelihood of us not being seen decreases,” I replied. “Plus, the instant one of those Dracs wake up they’re going to sound the alarm. Sneaky may be out the window. Now, we just want destructive. If the General’s going to be paying attention to somebody, I’d rather it be us.”

“You want destruction? Destruction I can do.” Na Fru held his arms out at to either side.

At first, nothing happened. Then I started to feel a rumbling, a shaking. I turned to Tilly. “Maybe the two of you should go now.” Tilly didn’t argue. She didn’t waste time with a witty comment. She just grabbed the Sharkwoman and leapt into the air, phasing both of them almost immediately to get maximum height. They went flying toward the vent and disappeared. “Ok, Na Fru,” I said. “Let them have it.”

Suddenly, rocks sprung from the ground all around us. I was frightened that one of them might hit me. The force they were going they weren’t going to knock me down, they were going to tear right through me. But as they continued to grow, none of them hit me. Instead, they pushed through the ceiling. But the rocks weren’t the only thing rising. we were as well.

The ground beneath me shook and I had to reach out for something to grab onto to keep from falling. It wasn’t hard to find something to hold. We were nearly surrounded by rocks and all of them continued to grow as we pushed upwards. Quickly, we ascended, busting through the ceilings above. I kept expecting to hit something or to have the broken flooring fall down on me, but Na Fru protected us well.

And then, we were outside, towering over the palace on a newly made mountain. I could see the building below us. It was in ruin. Walls were collapsed. Whole wings of the palace had been destroyed. I asked for destruction and I had gotten it. There was no question we had provided a distraction. No one could ignore this. The question remained, how would General Zlodeyskiy respond?

Na Fru looked over what he had done proudly. “Do you want more destruction?” he asked me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him happier. “I see part of this structure beneath us is still standing.”

“No,” I replied, quickly. “This is good. Tilly and Shayu are still in there looking for Lu Wu. Not to mention all the other people inside.” I could see his disappointment, so I added, “But don’t worry, I get the feeling that you’re going to have the chance to cause a lot more destruction.”

As I said that, I saw people coming out of the palace. Some of them looked injured. Some of them looked like they were there to help. But most of them looked like soldiers. And it was soon after they spotted us that they started shooting at us. But none of the bullets even got close. “Should I crush them?” Na Fru asked.

“Not yet. Let’s not hurt anyone we don’t have to.”

“I don’t think we’ll have that luxury for long.”

Na Fru was right, as I knew he’d be. The soldiers started bringing out heavier artillery. Na Fru had to act fast to protect us from the incoming missiles. Then the helicopters started coming toward us. “And what should I do about those?” he asked.

I had no choice but to say, “Do what you have to.”

And with a wave of his hand, Na Fru sent boulders flying toward the helicopters as if they were launched from a catapult. Of the six helicopters that were coming toward us, five were knocked down in the first wave. Na Fru nailed the sixth helicopter with two more rocks.

Then I spotted the fighter jets coming toward us and the missiles they had just fired. Na Fru raised a rocky shield to protect us, but it shattered on impact so he created a second shield to protect us from the shrapnel. Na Fru fired rocks at them, but he was too slow.

The jets turned around and Na Fru lobbed rocks at them as they raced toward us. A rocky spike raised from the ground lightning fast, spearing one of the jets. The other one roared past us before preparing for a 3rd run. It came back guns blazing. Na Fru protected us well, even from the missiles the jet fired at us. For his part, the pilot did an amazing job of dodging Na Fru’s attacks. It was quite an impressive feat. Rock spikes would grow quickly. They would shoot out at his right, shoot out at his left, come from below, jump up in front of him. The pilot would dodge them all.

But in the end, it was all a trap. When the pilot turned upward to avoid a sudden rock wall, he collided with an unexpected flying boulder. I looked across the sky looking for the next attack, but the next assault wasn’t to come from above but from below.

to be continued…


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