Saving the Sharkwoman

There she was, strapped to a table, trapped in her half-human, half-shark form. She looked so so lifeless “Shayu!” I yelled. I couldn’t stop myself. She seemed to be unconscious, most likely drugged. She had to still be alive. She had to!

There were tubes surrounding her, filling the rest of the lab, with gray embryonic creatures inside them. Were they clones of her? Is that what they were trying to do? Clone her? Or was it something even worse than that?

“Frank!” Tilly yelled, refocusing my attention, first on her, then on the group of Dracs coming toward us. They clearly did not like us being there and I highly doubted they were going to ask us politely to leave. Before I could even react, Tilly was already jumping into the middle of them. They moved to grab her, but she phased right through them. They certainly hadn’t been expecting that. While they were confused, I took advantage and jumped at them. I knocked one out before they knew what was going on. As the turned to me, Tilly took out a second from behind. The three remaining, however, were not going to be so easily bested.

Two of them came at me and knocked me to the ground. But when Na Fru entered the room, the Dracs hesitated, staring at him in wonder. I got back to my feet and stepped aside. The Dracs rushed him, but their punches seemed to hurt them more than it did him. I knocked one of the confused Dracs to the ground. Tilly took out the other one. “Interesting,” Na Fru said.

“That the Dracs couldn’t hurt you?” I asked.

“Huh?” Na Fru suddenly became aware of the unconscious reptile men lying on the ground. He dismissed them quickly. “No. I meant the laboratory. Look at it. It is as if they are trying to modify organics through scientific means. What an interesting idea.”

“What, you mean the thought never occurred to you?” Tilly asked.

I glared at her. We really shouldn’t be helping him get ideas. He had enough bad ideas on his own. “No,” he said. “It hadn’t.”

“How about we focus on the woman being experimented on instead of the experiments and try to save her, ok?” I said walking toward the unconscious Sharkwoman. I detached the tubes and wires from the her as carefully as I could. As I waited for the sedative to work its way out of her system, I watched the stone man carefully.

We all started to get impatient. Tilly more so than I. “Maybe you should slap her,” she suggested. “You know to wake her up.”

“You touch me,” groaned the Sharkwoman, as she slowly opened her eyes “and I will bite off your hand.”

“Shayu!” I exclaimed, rushing to her side. “Are you ok?”

She looked up at me with unfocused eyes. “Who the hell are you?”

“It’s me,” I told her. “Fran. Frank. The human. I realize I look a bit different. It’s complicated.”

The Sharkwoman stared at me with her cold eyes, as she tried to sit up, but the straps wouldn’t let her. She pulled at them angrily. “Get me off of this thing,” she growled. “Get me out of this!”

I reached for the straps before Tilly stopped me. “Frank,” she warned. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

I could see how someone could feel frightened of the Sharkwoman. She could be very frightening, even when she wasn’t a giant shark. But Shayu and I had been through a lot together. We had saved each other’s lives numerous times. We had a bond. “It’s ok,” I assured Tilly. “Trust.” I undid the straps.

I turned back to the Sharkwoman just as she quickly sat up. Before I knew it she was lunging at me, wrapping her hands around my throat.

to be continued…


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