Lu Wu Vs Maqesh

“You will not touch her,” Lu Wu said, trying to make the Sharkwoman put him down.

Maqesh laughed. “What will you do to stop me?”

“Whatever I can. Whatever I have to. That horn is too powerful for you, Maqesh. You will never touch it again.”

Maqesh waved his hand and Lu and the Sharkwoman were both knocked to the ground.

“Stay away from them!” I yelled.

“And for you.” Maqesh squeezed his hand shut and I suddenly felt like I was being attacked by little lightning strikes all over my body.

“Stop it!” Tilly yelled pointing her arm at him, activating the weapon system her mother had implanted in her. She quickly began firing her laser at him.

But instead of being worried, Maqesh looked relieved. “Finally,” he said as he raised his hand. The laser beam stopped in midair and then retreated back up Tilly’s arm. She shook her arm as the thing began to overheat, but she couldn’t stop it. The explosion spun her around and the horn went flying into the air. Maqesh reached out and the horn stopped. “No more games. I’ve already played too long. With this horn, I can change everything! With just a thought, I can reshape the world and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!”

The horn began to move toward him. I was too far away to intercept it, but I couldn’t just let Maqesh get his hands on it. I picked up a piece of shrapnel from the ground and threw it at him. Maqesh raised his hand and the piece of shrapnel stopped in midair. “Really?” he laughed. “You think that’s going to stop me?”

I thought I was in grave trouble until I realized that the horn had stopped in midair as well. I picked up another piece of shrapnel and threw it. Then another. And another. Maqesh stopped them all easily enough, but the horn wasn’t getting any closer to him either. Then while I was looking for something else to throw, he sent them all back to me. I dove to the ground as a shower of shrapnel pounded the spot I had just been.

Then the Sharkwoman’s necklace with Lu’s Seal that was currently hanging around Maqesh’s neck began to glow. The seal began to hover and then it began to tug on the necklace. Maqesh reached for it, but the necklace snapped first. The seal flew like a shot toward Lu which he caught with ease. The horn dropped to the ground. “I think this will stop you, Maqesh,” Lu said,as he began to glow with the power of his Seal.

Maqesh dove for the fallen horn, but Lu waved his hands and the villain was frozen still several feet away from the horn. “Not a chance,” Lu told him.

Maqesh glared at him. “You think I’m so easily beaten, sorcerer? I am not bested just yet.” Lightning began to strike from his chest. It started with a single strike but soon it was like rainstorm of electricity. Then suddenly the electricity branched out covering the ground around him. We all felt the shock.

Maqesh fell to the ground freed from Lu’s holding spell. He jumped to his feet and his arms stretched out toward Lu, wrapping themselves around him. I picked up a piece of pipe from he ground and ran to help Lu, but Maqesh belched fire at me and I had no choice but to back away. But while Maqesh was distracted with me, Lu took the opportunity to shrink until he blinked out of existence. Maqesh’s elongated arms sagged now empty of their quarry. Maqesh began frantically searching the surrounding carnage for Lu. I tried to move forward, but anytime I got too close Maqesh lashed out at me keeping me away. “Where are you, Sorcerer?” he yelled “Show yourself!”

Lu suddenly appeared behind Maqesh with a sword in his hand. He buried it into the villain’s back. Maqesh looked down at the blade sticking out of his chest and slowly turned his head around. He smiled. “Oh, there you are.”

Maqesh waved his hand and Lu went flying backwards. Maqesh grabbed the sword’s handle and slowly pulled it out, grimacing all the way. He stared at the clean blade. “Cute.” He then raised his arm, ready to throw the sword, when it suddenly exploded in his face.

“Was that cute, too?” Lu asked.

to be continued…


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