Maqesh the Dragonslayer

“Attack!” General Zlodeyskiy yelled and the two beasts by his side began to run forward. The large dragon, flying up above, dove down toward Maqesh, its talons extended. But by the time the dragon swooped down, Maqesh was no longer there. Like a bullet, he had shot forward toward the rounder dragon. The round dragon opened its mouth to breath fire, but Maqesh squeezed its mouth shut with his hand. The fire had nowhere to go. The poor creature exploded. Before the explosion was even over, Maqesh was onto the next dragon. He reached out and grabbed the long dragon and began to swing him around by his head. After three times around, its neck snapped in half.

By this time, the final dragon had had enough time to turn around. It pounced on Maqesh and slammed him to the ground, trapping him beneath its claws. Maqesh laughed as if he was having the most fun time. The dragon let out an angry roar as it pressed its full weight down upon him. Maqesh laid his hands on the dragon’s foot and the creature jumped back as if the evil sorcerer were a hot stove. The skin on the dragon’s foot began to boil. The dragon shook its hurt paw and skin fell off. The dragon fell to the ground as the pox began to spread up its leg. It groaned in agonized pain. Maqesh smiled victoriously.

He turned toward General Zlodeyskiy. “What else do you have, human?” The General stood with his mouth agape, stunned by the quick work the sorcerer had made of his dragons. Maqesh looked disappointed. “That was it? That was all you had? That was your best?” Maqesh snorted. “That was the best you could do? Is there nothing in this human world that can stop me?”

As if waiting for a cue, Tilly appeared. With two quick steps, she leapt at Maqesh’s back, but while Tilly was still in the air the sorcerer spun around. Her surprise attack was foiled. Maqesh raised his hand to stop her dead, but his face twisted with confusion as Tilly’s attack continued unabated before passing right through him. “How did you…? I couldn’t grab you.” And then he let out an unsure laughter. “An illusion. And it almost had me fooled. I didn’t know humans were capable of such feats.”

Tilly’s laugh that followed, however, was much more confident. “Can an illusion steal this?” She held up the Horn of Tarrgair. “This yours?”

Maqesh glanced down and patted his clothing. “How did you…?” Maqesh’s eyes glowed red. “Give that back or I will kill you!”

“Bring it on, Ugly!” Tilly taunted.

Maqesh didn’t even wait for her to finish her sentence before he began to throw powerful enchantments at her. But Tilly didn’t care. She just waved as she slipped beneath the ground. Maqesh tore the ground apart and flew down through the hole in hot pursuit. “I will murder you, human! I will tear you apart with my bare hands!”

With Maqesh momentarily gone, the Sharkwoman ran to the unconscious and temporarily unguarded Lu Wu. She cradled him in her arms. His eyes slowly opened. “Shayu? Wha…what are you doing here?

“I came to rescue you, my love.”

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

“We had to,” I told him. “We had to save you and we had to save the Earth.”

“But we can’t win. Not against Maqesh.”

“Of course, we can win.”

“But look at this destruction and death.” Lu gestured at the carnage and mayhem around us.

“Which is why we must put an end to it!”

“How can we do what an army cannot?”

“You can’t give up, Lu. We can stop him. We can win!”

Explosions rang up from beneath us. “What was that?”

“Tilly,” I told him. “Maqesh is chasing her.”

Lu looked confused “Who’s Tilly?”

Oops. I had forgotten that we had been undercover when I first met him. I guess I just blew that. Hopefully Agent Samuel would understand. “You know her as Lina.”

“Your daughter?”

“Uh…” This was going to be tough to explain.

“You’re letting your daughter fight Maqesh?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Complicated? How is it complicated?”

“Let’s just say I know she can handle herself.”

The ground shook beneath us. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” he said.

“That’s because you don’t know Tilly.”

“And you don’t know Maqesh. Nothing can stop him now.”

“Tilly’s got the horn,” I told him.

“The horn?”

“She took it from him.”

“He’s going to kill her to get it back.”

“He’s going to try.”

Tilly popped out of the ground. “I’d move,” she yelled, as she ran on..

“How did she…?” Lu started to ask.

“Seriously, he’s right behind me,” she called back to us.

The Sharkwoman grabbed Lu in her arms and carried him off, following Tilly. I ran after them as quickly as I could, but we barely got away before the ground erupted beneath us. Maqesh rose from the smoking hole, looking angrier than ever. “Come here, little girl, before I crush you!”

to be continued…


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