Escape from Gorillapede Village

Time passed, the light faded, and I thought maybe the gorillapedes had forgotten about me. I hoped they had, but I heard a noise coming close. I squinted into the darkness, but it wasn’t until the creature got up against the cage that I saw that it was the spectral creature coming for me! The monster grabbed the cage and began to shake it. I backed away as it bared its teeth at me. The bars bent then snapped as the monster tore them apart. I wanted to scream, but for who? For what? The gorillapedes?

The creature came closer, but I couldn’t run, my back was already up against the cage. It leaned in toward me and opened its mouth. “Quickly,” it whispered.

“What?” I replied, as shocked to hear the thing speak as I was by the actually word it said.

“Hurry! We have to move before they see us.”

“Move?” I asked, wondering if I had heard him correctly.

“They’re going to eat your friend.”

“Eat her?”

“They’re already finished eating the munsorv. She’s going to be next. They had me suck the shadows out of her. It’s poison to them, to most creatures. Now that it’s gone they can eat her.”

“Why are you helping us?”

“Because I cannot stand by. I have tried before but the captives are never strong enough to help me. I think maybe you can be.”

Surprisingly, I believed him. He seemed sincere enough and I couldn’t think of a reason why he would free me. If he wanted to hurt, why free me? “I’ll try.”

“Hurry! We must save her!” The creature turned and rushed out through the hole in the cage. I followed behind him but kept my distance just in case. I may be convinced, but I wasn’t that convinced. Maybe this was all some kind of game, I thought, but even if it was, it was better than being stuck in that cage.

The creature led me through the village where we saw dozens of gorillapedes. I could see the body of the acid monster cracked open like an egg, hollowed out inside. And in the middle of the gathering lay the unconscious Sharkwoman. One of the larger gorillapedes moved toward her and began chanting. The Sharkwoman began to revert to her less human form. “Why are they doing that?” I asked.

The shadoweater whispered back, “So there will be more of her to eat.”

“We have to do something!”

“I will attack them and that will allow you a chance to grab your friend.”

“When she’s like that?” I pointed at the Sharkwoman, nearly in her full massive shark form. “There’s no way I could pick her up, I’ve tried. She’s way too big for me. You’re going to have to grab her.”

“And what will you do?”

“Distract them.”

“Distract them?” he asked, surprised by my answer. “And then how will you get away?”

“I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll think of something. You just focus on getting her out of here.”

Seeing little time for thought, I ran out to the gorillapede gathering and threw my body into the closest gorillapede. Landing on my feet, I kept moving. There was no stopping now. I leaped over the Sharkwoman’s body and screamed as I slammed into another gorillapede. It didn’t seemed to be very effective, probably hurting me more than them, but it did seem to have angered them. They began chasing me as I ran away. So far, my plan was working perfectly. Now if I could just figure out how to get away from them.

I ran as fast I could. My time in the cage had allowed me a chance to rest, but I was still no match for the gorillapedes. In less than a minute, they had caught up to me. A few gorillapedes had rushed past and curled around back at me. They were in front of me. They were behind me. They were all around me. They had me surrounded!

The gorillapedes began to circle around me. Every now and then one would lean in and growl. They were playing with their food now. I had no way out. There was nothing I could do. At least, that yeti thing had gotten away with the Sharkwoman. They would both escape. At least I wasn’t going to die for nothing.

to be continued…


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