Hera Vs Lu Wu

Lu’s children were growing! But more than that, they were transforming! Their teeth were turning into fangs, their nails were turning into claws! They turned ghastly pale and their eyes turned red. Gone were the cute innocent children, in their place were monstrous creatures!

These creatures, these monsters, they tore into the Ramstovian guards, ripped them to pieces! It was horrible! “Oh, my god!” I said. “What are those?”

The General looked at me with a look of confusion. He didn’t know either, but instead of admitting it, admitting that he was in over his head, admit that maybe he had made a mistake, he shouted, “More guards!”

Hera stepped forward. “I’ll lead them myself”

The General nodded, perhaps happy that someone else was taking charge. “Bring me their heads!”

“No!” I grabbed her. “Don’t do it! They’ll kill you!”

Hera pushed me aside and marched out to the elevator with a handful of men. I looked at the General. We had been more or less left alone. It was just me and him and a few men manning the computers. They weren’t watching us. If I tried something they wouldn’t be able to stop me. No one could have, but the General didn’t look worried. Perhaps it was because we were both too focused on the monsters on the screen to worry about fighting each other. “What the hell are those?” I asked him.

He glared angrily at me. “Don’t pretend you don’t know. You just stay right there, Miss Stone, and watch your friend die.”

I was watching as Hera appeared on the screen. She had gathered quite a few more soldiers with her along the way. She ordered them forward and the soldiers attacked. It was gruesome. Lu’s monsters began tearing them apart. Nothing the soldiers did could stop them, or even slow them down. Soon only remained Hera.

“She has to run,” I told the General.

He shook his head, defiantly. “She will stand.”

“She’ll die!”

“She will not. Watch.”

The two monsters charged Hera. I was surprised to see her stand her ground. She must have been scared stiff, I figured. But, no, she wasn’t frozen. I could see her preparing for them, sliding her right foot back and raising her hands. It looked like she was getting ready to fight back, as if she could.

As the monsters were about to pounce, Hera moved with blazing speed, punching one in the face, sending it sprawling across the room! The second attacked while Hera was turned away from it, but before its claw could come down Hera had impossibly moved! Before the monster knew what had happened, she struck, slamming its chest with the flats of her hands and it flew into the wall! I thought she didn’t see the first monster coming toward her, but Hera quickly turned and kicked the monster in the face! The second monster began to rise and Hera with her lightning quickness turned and slammed her hand through the creature’s chest! She pulled out its heart and squished it, as the first monster attacked again. She punched it in the head smashing in its skull.

Hera turned to Lu Wu, bodies of soldiers and monsters surrounding them. Lu Wu clapped. “Impressive.”

“You are under arrest, Lu Wu,” Hera said. “By the authority of General Zlodeyskiy.”

Lu Wu laughed. “I don’t think so.”

“Your demons are dead, Lu. There is nothing you can do to escape.”

Lu shook his head. “There’s quite a bit I can do.” He raised his hands and fire burst from them. The whole room was filled in flame.

All we could see was the fire. I could hear the General gasp. But when the fire died down, Hera was still standing arms raised to protect her face. She lowered her arms as if it were nothing. Her hair was burnt. Much of her clothing had been destroyed. I thought she’d been burnt badly but I realized after a few seconds that those weren’t burns, those they was scales. “What is she?”

But the General didn’t reply. He just kept his eyes up on the monitor. Lu looked as surprised as I was, but he recovered quicker than I did. “I knew the General was up to some bad things.”

“Yes,” Hera said. “I am the bad things.”

“Then you are what I am here to put a stop to.”

“You are welcome to try,” Hera replied before charging at him. I thought Lu was dead. Hera would surely kill him. After what she had done to his two monsters, I didn’t see how he could defend himself, but then he raised his hand and a hole appeared beneath Hera. She fell through it and the hole vanished. Lu turned and smiled at the camera.

“Impossible!” The General growled. He turned to one of the few men remaining in the room. “Get the Dracs!”

“But Lord! The Dracs aren’t ready!”

“I don’t care!”

“But they are uncontrollable! They are monsters!”

The General smiled. “Good.”

I looked up and saw Lu walking away and realized this was MY chance to leave as well. I turned and made a break for the doors. But I soon realized why no one had tried to stop me. The doors were locked! “Nice try, Miss Stone,” the General said. “But you’re not going anywhere!”

I turned back around to look him in the eye. “You’re just going to keep me here?”

“I have plans for you.”

“Plans to turn me into one of you monsters?”

The General snarled, “You haven’t seen my monsters yet. Grab her!” The guards ran toward me. I wasn’t going to take this anymore! I was tired of playing hostage. The guards tried to grab me, but I easily dispatched them. The General laughed. “So you CAN fight? This day is just full of surprises. How about one more?” The General pressed a button and the whole room began to shake.

“What are you doing?” I asked, as the room began to descend.

He smiled. “I’m going to show you my monsters. You want to see them, don’t you?

to be continued…


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