Frank Gets Arrested

“Arrest me?” I asked. “For what?”

“For assaulting the royal visage!” General Zlodeyskiy shouted. “Lock her up!”

The guards came toward me. I considered fighting them, but didn’t think I’d stand much of a chance. There were too many of them and I was in heels. “You can’t do this! I’m an ambassador!” I shouted as they grabbed me. “My government will hear about this!”

“Your government,” the General scoffed, “can do nothing!”

The guards took me away as I tried to figure out what to do next. I could probably escape, the guards wouldn’t be expecting me to fight back. Certainly not now, after I had surrendered so easily. They had guns, but would they shoot me? As far as they knew, I was an ambassador. If I could get to Tilly, we would be able to handle them. She might not even need my help. But was that what I wanted? Was it time to break cover? Or was being arrested exactly what I wanted?

I was here to learn what the General was planning. If getting close to him wasn’t going to happen- and it wasn’t, seeing as how he wanted to get much “closer” than I was comfortable with- maybe being taken prisoner would do the job? Sure, it was a risk, but playing spy was a risk. Everything I did was a risk, that was the life of an adventurer, and most of the time those risks were much more dangerous than this.

As the guards led me down the hallway, Hera appeared. She looked very unhappy when she saw us. “Where are you taking her?”

“We’re taking her to the cells.”

“The cells? Are you mad?” Hera growled. “She is an ambassador!”

“It was the General’s orders!” the guard replied, visibly frightened.

“To take her to the cells?”

“To arrest her,” the guard said.

Hera nodded. “Then you will follow me. We will put her somewhere more fitting her station. Come.”

I could tell the guards were put off by Hera’s arrival. They seemed worried that the General might get angry at them for not bringing me to the cells. Obviously, they feared that if they didn’t do what he wanted, he would take his displeasure out on them. Hera, however, was their boss and if she wasn’t she sure acted like she was. Had I worked here I would be doing exactly what she told me, too. Of course, I didn’t work here and I had no idea if she had my best interest at heart. Needless to say. I was also worried.

Hera marched us down the hall until she found the room she was looking for. She swung the door open. “Get in.” I looked inside. It didn’t look like a prison to me. There were no bars or chains anywhere. It just looked like a normal sitting room. I walked inside. “You can wait in here until we have worked everything out.”

“Perhaps, I should just go back to the party,” I suggested.

Hera shook her head. “You’ll wait in here. Someone will come for you.”

“What about my daughter?”

“She’ll be fine. I’ll make sure of that.”

Hera walked out and closed the door behind her. I could hear the locking mechanism, but I checked the door anyway. Next, I checked the windows. There was no way to open them and I was not going to be able to smash my way through them. That was clear. Then how to get out? I couldn’t just stay here, could I? If I waited I would be at their mercy. There was no food or water in here. There was no bathroom. On the other hand, if I waited patiently, I might be able parlay this into finding more dirt on the General. For all i knew this was all a test to see if he could trust me.

But as I contemplated my next move, the alarm suddenly began to sound. What could that be? It wasn’t because of me. I hadn’t tried anything. I was far from the doors and the windows. But if it wasn’t me, then who could…? “Oh, god…Tilly!”

to be continued…


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