Things Get Worse

The Interdimensional Invaders were streaming out of the tear. Suddenly, it was no longer us against the Time Police, or the Time Police against Gra’s people. It was all of us against the Invaders. It was no longer could we save the men of liquid metal, but could we save ourselves? The Time Police all hit their emergency beacons as they flew off to do battle with the Invaders.

“Brothers!” Gra yelled. “We have to keep back those aliens! They’ll killed us all! Wipe us from existence!” It was amazing how quickly his people reacted. They had been trying to save their planet, then they were fighting the Time Police, now, with barely any hesitation they turned their attention to the Invaders. Using the rock beneath their feet, they fought the creatures from outside the universe. Throwing boulders, raising mountains, using their very planet as a weapon, they fought! But it wasn’t enough! Nothing they did, nothing we did, nothing even the Time Police did was enough! None of it was enough! Nothing could stop them! We were being overrun!

As hope began to fade, more Time Police began to pop up out of nowhere! They had answered their brothers’ call to arms! They flew off into the sky to do battle with the Invaders, but the Invaders kept coming, streaming in from the tear! The skies were filled with battle. In the chaos, I lost track of Gra. He was probably with his brethern fighting the good fight. But I could still see The Origin. He was headed straight for us. “We need to get out of here!” He told Kink. He demanded. He ordered. “We need to get out of here now!”

She laughed. “Oh yeah? How are we going to do that? We’ve got Interdimensional Invaders, Time Police, and…oh, yeah, the sun just imploded. Face it, Origin. We’re screwed.”

“You could say that.” We all turned around to see the surprising and frighteningly familiar visage of Freyja Reina del Tiempo. “Time Police? Extrauniversal parasites? A tear in space/time? And you’re all in MY territory? Yes, I’d say you’re pretty screwed.”

I opened my mouth, ready to voice my complete and utter shock, but the Origin acted first, attacking her with every bit of his gooey body. At first Freyja was dismissive, merely raising her hand to deflect his attacks with an energy shield, but the Origin’s persistence paid off and she had to start firing back. “You witch! I’ll kill you for what you did to me!” The Origin screamed.

Freyja scoffed. “Should I know who you are?”

“You neutered me!” The Origin roared, as his putty-like body attacked Frejya in ways impossible for a human or any species with bones. “I was a king! A god! I ruled star systems! Empires! And you took it all away from me! I was worshipped! All did as I commanded! And you took that all away from me!”

Freyja sniffed. “I am Freyja, little goo-man. There is only one ruler and it is me.”

Freyja’s energy shield began to bend inwards toward Origin, but as much as he struggled he couldn’t seem to get around it. He fought as it continued to bend inwards, surrounding him. Soon he was trapped within and no matter how much he fought he couldn’t get out. With that minor inconvenience taken care of, Freyja turned her attention on me. With all the chaos going on, I was almost touched that she took notice of me. “What are you doing here? Where is Jamal? Where is my daughter? What did you do to them?”

As Freyja stalked toward me, Kink leapt at her. “Get away from him!” Freyja batted her aside, as if she were nothing. Kink rolled and fired with her wristlets. The lasers deflected off of Freyja’s shield, like a rubber ball off a tank. “He is mine!” Kink screamed. “I will not let you hurt him!”

“Silence.” Freyja raised her hand and let loose a massive energy burst. Kink was defenseless against the onslaught. “As if a gutter rat like you could stop me.”

“Kink!” I yelled, as I ran at Freyja. “Get off of her!”

Freyja batted me away with the back of her hand. “Idiot!” she growled.

I glared at her and when I did targets appeared in my sight. This body was targeting her. I went with it and launched tiny missiles. I scrolled through the menu options and found a laser blast. I fired it at Frejya, but even that couldn’t effect her. I charged her. My hand turned into an energy blade, but when I stabbed at her she was somewhere else. I swung my tail at her, but she caught it easily. Freyja ripped my tail out and I fell to the ground. She stood over me and grabbed me by the neck. “Where is she? Where is my daughter?”

“She’s not here,” I told her, gasping for air. “None of them are here. It’s just me. Only me. I was the only one brought here. Not that I had a choice.”

Freyja glared at me, judging whether to trust me or not. “You better not be lying,” she said as she let go of my neck.

“I’m not,” I said, rubbing my throat.

“You better not be. Or I will kill you.” And then she disappeared.

to be continued…


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