The Time Police Arrive

Three of them stood before us. The Time Police were easy to identify in their dark blue uniforms and silver temporal gauntlets. One of them raised their hand and said, “Stop your actions immediately! If you do not stop immediately, you will force us to detain you!”

“Don’t look at me,” Kink said. “I’m not the one with the giant gun that breaks open time and space.”

The Time Police were unconvinced. “Tylea Hidrogen, we know who you are. You are never innocent of anything.” The officer then turned to me. “Frank Clay. We would’ve hoped you would have known better than to do this at this period in your timeline.”

“I don’t think I had much choice,” I told him.

The officer nodded. “Don’t move, Sir, while we take care of this matter.”

Gra, however, was not willing to remain passive. He ran toward his people and yelled, “They’re trying to stop us! They want us to die! They want us to be eaten up by our imploded sun! We can’t allow them to stop us! We can’t let us die again! This is our only chance! We must kill them and any others who try to stop us!” The nearest men of liquid metal all turned toward the Time Police with malice in their eyes and desperation in their hearts.

As Gra’s people marched toward the Time Police, I turned to Kink, “We have to do something. We have to help them.”

Kink shook her head. “They’re Time Police, Frank. I think they can handle themselves. What we should be doing is getting out of here.”

“What? We can’t just run!”

“Just watch me.” Kink stepped forward, grabbed my arm, took to the sky.

The Time Police took out grenade-like objects and lobbed them into the mob of liquid metal men, then threw one toward Kink for good measure. Kink instantly retreated from the grenade back toward the ground. She fired a wide-burst ray at the grenade as it exploded. The explosion took us off out feet. “What the hell was that?” I asked as I picked myself up.

“A time grenade,” Kink said, readying herself for the next attack. “A burst of frozen time.”

I saw that all of Gra’s men had stopped moving. They were standing still like statues. Every single one of them. The nearest Time Cop turned to Kink and pointed an angry finger at her. “Don’t try running again because I promise next time we won’t miss.”

As he was admonishing us, the other two cops were making their way through the frozen men of liquid metal toward Gra and The Origin. They were trying to run away, but as the Time Police got near the Origin turned on them. He raised the Brane Cutter and pointed it at them. “Don’t come any closer or I will fire! Your tricks won’t stop a rip in space/time!”

“If you fire on us,” the Time Police said, “you’ll destroy the whole planet.”

“Do you think I care?”

“Don’t!” Gra pleaded, coming back, slowly as to not spook the Origin. “We’re here to save my people! If you kill them…”

The Origin replied, “Then they will die as they are supposed to. Then the Time Police can go away and I can go on and regain my former glory! That is all that I care about! Let this planet die, as long as I go on!”

“No!” Gra yelled. “I will not let you kill my people!” Gra gestured and the ground rose around The Origin. The Origin tried to get away, but everywhere he went there was rock. The rock closed around him like a fist.

The Origin slipped out like slime through fingers. The Brane Cutter, however, was not so malleable. “Well done, Gra! You’ve doomed your world! Without the Brane Cutter, there’s nothing we can do to stop the Time Police, nothing we can do to hold them back. They will let your people die and you are now powerless to stop them, but I don’t need the Cutter! I can still achieve my goals! All I need is Kink…” He turned toward her, but the Time Police were blocking his path.

“I don’t think we’re going anywhere,” Kink said, unusually deflated. It wasn’t often she admitted defeat. “Sorry, but I think the Time Police have shut down any avenues of escape. Basically…we’re screwed.”

The Origin’s focus turned upwards. “I don’t think we’re the only ones.”

We all turned around and looked up at the tear. In the background of pure blackness, I could make out something moving. Many somethings. “What…?” My eyes, on their own, suddenly zoomed in. I could see the objects clear as day. I did not like what I saw. “Invaders!”

to be continued…


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