Frank Goes Future

We were in a dark cavern, but I could see just fine. I guess that’s a big thumbs up to this Invader body of mine. The lack of light was clearly no problem to it. I could see full size of the cavern easily and I was awed by it. It was massive. There were statues made of black marble, huge, reaching from the floor to the ceiling. Unfortunately, I was having trouble making out just what they were, my Invader brain was having trouble making sense of it. All I could tell for sure was that they looked ancient.

“Come on!” Gra yelled. “We need to hurry! We don’t have time! We waste anymore, they’ll find us!” Gra began to run through the cavern.

“Speaking of finding us.” The Origin gestured at me with its gelatinous amorphous limbs. “Don’t you think you should do something about that? We’re attracting enough attention as it is.”

“I can’t,” Kink replied. “His body needs a certain amount of quantum instability to transform.” That’s right, I thought. Why did she know that? She looked at her wristlet. “Which apparently he’s got. Wow, the Invaders sure do rake in the instability.”

“Than you can transform him into something that won’t send up alerts across all space and time?”

“I think so.”

“Then do it,’ the Origin slunk off after Gra.

What were they even talking about? They wanted to transform me? How could they do that? There was no Quantum Chamber around here. And that was when Kink took out some kind of handheld device. I tried to get a closer look at it, but then she shot me with it. I felt the impact. I couldn’t believe she shot me. I looked down, expecting to see a gaping flesh wound but instead I found a metal patch on my stomach. What the hell was it? I reached toward it and, oh my god, it started growing!

“What the hell did you do to me?” I yelled at her, but she couldn’t understand me. Kink just looked on with wide-eyed excitement.

“Don’t fight it, Franky.”

But I didn’t listen to her. It was now covering my entire abdomen and still growing! I tried to tear it off, but it was no use! It clung to my like another layer of skin. It spread to my legs and arm and began crawling up my neck! Within seconds it began to cover my face! I gasped for air as it covered my mouth! Then I was completely encased, unable to see, unable to speak, unable to move!

I tried to fight it, but then I felt an incredible pain. I could see red lightning strikes before my eyes and smell wet dog. There was a sensation of pain as if someone had stomped on my hand. Then the pain began to spread and grow and the lightning vanished. Then I recognized the sensation. I was changing! Kink had shot me with some kind of portable quantum chamber!

When I stopped screaming, I found myself on the ground breathing hard. The metal covering was gone, but my eyesight wasn’t right. The flatness was gone, but the colors were all off. If I didn’t know any better I’d say I was seeing everything in infrared. I tried to get to my feet, but my balance was off. I looked at Kink and she was smiling at me. “Well that’s interesting…”

I looked down at myself. The first thing I noticed was that I had four hands, each one with only four fingers. I had inverted knees and I had hooves instead of feet. I also now had the tail of a scorpion. “What did you do to me?” I demanded.

“We’ve got to go, Franky. As much as I enjoy the view, we’ve got to catch up or we’ll miss all the fun.” She turned around and began running the way Gra and the Origin had gone.

I caught up to her surprisingly quickly, seeing as how I was in a completely new body structure for the second time in only a few hours. “How did you do this to me? Why do I look like this?”

She turned her head to look at me, but not bothering to slow down. “Apparently when you change bodies you switch with someone from the same time that you’re in.”

“You made me switch bodies?” I asked. No, it was more like an accusation. “How could you do that? How?”

We entered a tunnel that was slowly inclined upwards. “I thought that might be the case,” she said, not really listening, “which is why you turned into an Invader when we were outside the universe.”

The implications were fascinating. I couldn’t imagine what I would’ve turned into back in prehistory had I had a full chamber. Would I have transformed into a dinosaur or a small rat-like creature or maybe something else? But that kind of speculation didn’t matter now. There was only one thing that mattered to me at this moment. “Where did you get that?” I pointed at her portable chamber gun.

She smiled at me. “Franky, I’m from your future. You don’t think your tech is a secret? We know everything about you, your tech, your accident, your adventures! Though we do have a little problem sorting myth from reality…”

“So everyone knows?” I asked. “They know what happened to me? They know the schematics to the quantum chamber? They know everything? Do they…Do…Do they know why…? Do they know why it happened?”

Kink just smiled at my question. “You want me to give away the ending?”

“Yes! I need to…” And then we reached the surface. Gra and the Origin were standing there. Gra seemed lost in thought, but my own thoughts were distracted by what I saw. There were thousands, tens of thousands, maybe even hundred of thousands of Gra’s people kneeling everywhere! “What are they doing?” I asked.

“What does it look like?” Kink replied. “They’re trying to move the planet.”

to be continued…


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