Fighting The Origin

I looked and the Origin was indeed at the door, but he wasn’t just slowly seeping into the room like before. He was forcing his way in, impatiently pushing its way inside. No subtlety, just pure brute force. The doorway shattered. The wall around it burst. As we ducked out of the way of the flying pieces of metal, the Origin’s attack came in right behind it. Its ‘fist’ came slamming in so fast we were barely able to dodge it. The Origin slammed into the wall behind us, caving it in. It splattered like an intelligent wave, turning toward us almost immediately.

We looked for a way out, but the only door was blocked by the Origin’s body. There was no escape. The Origin came crashing toward me. Jamal shouldered me aside as the Origin came plowing our way. It slammed him against the far wall. It’s ooze moving to engulf him. I figured that when the Origin tried to invade his brain the nanos would free Jamal as they had me, but it looked like instead of enveloping him that the Origin was suffocating him. I rushed to try to free Jamal, attacking the Origin, but it just bulged and tossed me aside as if I were nothing.

What gave me hope was that the Origin was not invulnerable. It was still shaking, still screaming. It was still under attack from the nanos. Its form was unstable. As it quivered, I saw an opening form between it and the severely damaged doorway. I didn’t hesitate and slipped out through it. Maybe with more room, I could do something.

In the larger room, the Origin’s agony was much clearer. It’s body oscillated like crazy. I looked around the room, looking for some kind of tool to help. The Origin saw me and it’s bulging limbs shot out at me, so I moved quickly, trying to stay one step ahead. But it was no use. It was too big. The room was enormous and yet the Origin was everywhere. Everywhere I went, there it was. The Xian were unconcious, lying on the ground. They wouldn’t be able to hurt me, but they couldn’t help me either.

The Origin was screaming and barely holding itself together, but its mass made that all irrelevant. Whether it was in pain or not, whether it could full focus or not, it didn’t really matter. It had me cornered either way. The Origin stretched out toward me. I could only dodge so many limbs. It was ready to grab me, but suddenly a wave of orange light pushed it back. Time seemed to stop. Everything was still. A moment stretched as both the Origin and myself tried to figure out what just happened. “Franky, my love, there you are. I have been looking for you everywhere! All across time and space!”

My mouth hung open. “Kink?” She stood there like an angel, magically appeared. And by that, I literally mean she looked like an angel because she had massive wings. She took two large steps toward me and wrapped two of her six arms around me. “What the hell are you doing here?” I asked, frantically.

She glanced at the Origin with her four glowing eyes. “No time to talk, my love. We’ve got places to be.” She pulled me in and kissed me.

Then the world became purple static.

to be continued…


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