The Origin

Jamal did a surprisingly good job convincing the Xian that there an accident. He appears to be successful, though it was hard to tell because they’re aliens and he’s in the body of a dinosaur. Either way, they asked us to come back up to their ship. Together, Jamal and I flew back up in the transport to the Xian ship. Things were quiet as they took us to their Neptune facility. There, we will plan for the next stage in the conversion of the human race.

As we dock, Jamal began to grow antsy. “There’s something going on. The Xian are acting weird.”

“They’re aliens, Jamal.”

”They’re acting weird.”

We went quiet as the Xian led us through the facility. It wasn’t until we were brought into a small room with only one exit that I began to get nervous. “Is there something wrong?”

“No,” the Xian replied. “It is just a precaution.”

“Precaution?” Jamal asked. He caught me eye, clearly he wasn’t buying any of this. “What do you have to be cautious about?”

The Xian exchanged looks. “He is in a new body.”

“My instability is fine now,” I assured them. “The second stop in the chamber fixed everything.” I could see they were not convinced.

They Xian left the room, closing the door behind them. There was nothing I could do to open it. I tried to relax, but we were left alone in there for some time and Jamal was very nervous, always pacing. I wanted to tell him to calm down, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to start a conversation with him in case the Xian were listening in. Jamal must’ve been thinking the same thing because he stayed quiet as well. Eventually, a Xian returned. “Come with me. Someone is here who would like to speak with you.”

“Someone’s here?” I asked. The Xian never referred to each as individuals, not in this kind of way. They had names, but I saw no reason to learn them. Talking to one of them was like talking to any of them. Their hierarchy and roles were far from the rigid ones humans had. For them to tell me that ‘someone’ was here, meant that there was something up. This was not a Xian who had come to see us. “Who’s here? Who wants to speak to us? Who even knows that we’re here?”

“It has come to see you. The Origin. The Starting Point. It has come to bring Earth freedom. It wants to speak with you.”

“Who is the Origin?” I asked. “What is it?”

The Xian looked at me. I think there was anger in his eyes. “It is The Beginning.”

I nodded, as if I understood. “And what does he want with us?”

The Xian turned away. “You will see what it wants. It will tell you.”

We followed the Xian toward the main hall. The room was a large foyer area big enough to perform a theatre in the round, going up the equivalent of three floors. A thousand people could have easily fit in there with room to walk around and mingle. The Origin took up all of it. It was so large that I first took it for a massive pile of gelatin. It was only when it began to move that I realized it was alive.

It vaguelly resembled a gigantic slug but it had no eyestalks. It was just a giant slime monster, though thankfully the slime did not drip. It turned what might have been its head, though it appeared featureless. No eyes. No nose. No mouth. It made me shiver with dread. “They are the ones?” a booming voice intoned.

“Yes, Master,” the Xian replied. “The Earthlings were Freed. They had joined our union.”

“They are no longer Freed!” the Origin boomed. “They have broken from the union! They are abominations!”

“Uh-oh,” Jamal mumbled.

I tried to play dumb. “What are you talking about, Master? Of course, we’re still Freed. I can still see. I understand. We are still part of the union.”

“Deceivers! Seize them!” the Origin exclaimed. “Capture them! They must not get away!”

I turned to Jamal. “Ok, you were right. We’re definitely in ‘Uh-oh’ territory.” Jamal glared at me angrily with his dinosaur eyes. He bared his sharp teeth. I hoped it wasn’t at me.

The Xian charged at us. I was unarmed, but I did my best to fight against their tentacles. Jamal was having much more success. But he faltered as much as I did. There were just too many of them and they had too many tentacles. We were thrown to the ground, held down by dozens of Xian tentacles. A rumbling came from the Origin, deep and menacing. “We will find out how they escaped the Freeing. Take them to the room.”

to be continued…


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