Death Comes to Mars

We came into the Martian city and landed in one of the Martian towers. When we got out, we were met by a man Hodge introduced as General Little of the Martian Defense Force. He was not happy. Not one bit. “So this was all a complete failure?”

Hodge for his part didn’t try to hide or lay the blame on someone else. “Looks like it, Sir. I’m sorry, but we knew our chances at stopping Freyja were small. We had to try.”

“So then death comes to Mars.” I was surprised by how accepting he was. There was no anger or panic, no fear. “Fine then, if death comes, we will meet it head on! All hands to battle stations!” The Martian Defense Force bursted into action.

We found a quiet place to observe it all, just trying to not get in the way. That was about all we could do. Jamal and Mathilda sat side by side, partly eager to be together, and partly creeped out by the other’s new appearance. Suddenly, a siren went off. “That’s it,” Mathilda said, pointing to a holographic projection. “She’s here.”

A giant ship appeared hovering above Mars. “What is that?” I asked, having never seen such a massive ship.

ALAN replied, “It is a ship built to emit a beam of pure energy powerful enough to sear the surface of a planet. Classification: Surtr. World Destroyer.”

“World destroyer?” Jennifer gasped. “That’s just a name, right? That ship can’t actually destroy this planet, can it?”

“Destroy the planet like blow it up?” Mathilda shook her head. “No, but it can burn the entire surface of the planet.”

“So we’re screwed here?”

“No,” I replied. “There’s always a way out, always a way to win. We just have to figure it out.”

“There’s no way we can stop the Surtr,” Mathilda said, “but I may have a way to save our lives.”

“What is it?” Jamal asked.

“Time travel,” she replied.

“Time Travel?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes,” Mathilda said. “Time Travel. Freyja has been training me to be her successor. I know how to open up a time portal. I can get us out of here. There’s just one problem. I don’t have the power. I can’t do it without a major power soure. Freyja doesn’t give me access to the temporal chips.”

“That makes sense.”

“Yes,” Tilly agreed, “but it still means we’re stuck here unless we can find something to replace it with.”

A thought came to mind, as I recalled the older Mathilda. “Actually, I think I have something that could help.”

“What? What could you possibly have on you that could provide enough energy to open a temporal portal?”

“This.” I took out the Stabilizer. “It’s filled with unstable quantum energy drained from my body. I think itll do that job.”

“But it’s unstable,” Mathilda said. “Will that be safe?”

I looked at the monitor, at the Surtr powering up. “Do we have a choice?”

“I guess not,” Mathilda said. She took the Stabilizer and hooked it up to a device her mother had installed in her wrist. At that moment, I wondered what else Freyja had done to her daughter. What else had she installed?

“The ship is preparing to fire,” Jennifer announced with urgency.

Mathilda frowned. “Just another second. This isn’t easy, you know. Ok…I think I’ve got it. Eveyone get in close. Ready?”

We did as Mathilda said and then the world began to quake and sizzle. “They’re firing!”

“Do it!” I yelled. “Do it now!”

“Ok,” she replied, looking terrified. “Here goes nothing…”

to be continued…


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