Fleeing Earth

Instantaneously, we were transported onto a Martian Saucer leaving Earth’s orbit. “We did it!” Jamal grabbed his daughter and gave her the best hug he could. Jennifer quickly joined in and then so did I. “We’re safe.”

“I don’t know about that,” Hodge said. He was staring at a monitor. “We may be out of the palace, but we’re still on the run from Freyja.”

“Is she pursuing us?” I asked, trying to get a look at the screen.

Hodge shrugged. “I don’t know, but do you really thing she’d let us just walk away?”

“Are you talking about us?” Mathilda asked, gesturing to herself and the rest of the team. “Or your invasion?”

Hodge gave her a grim look. “Does it matter?”

“We need to go the bridge,” I said. “We need to speak to whoever’s in charge.”

Hodge nodded. “Follow me.” We entered the bridge and it was a mess. It was clear this ship did not make it out of the fight unscathed. “Where’s the captain?” Hodge asked.

“Dead,” said the only man still standing, pointing to a corpse.

Hodge held his head with both hands. “What happened?”

“Freyja’s forces attacked us. Obviously, your mission failed. You’re just lucky you managed to catch us before we were out of range.”

“You were going to leave me?” Hodge looked apalled.

The other man had no pity to offer, only anger. “You were supposed to kill Freyja. You weren’t supposed to come back. And you certainly weren’t supposed to bring guests.”

“This is the legendary Unstable Man,” Hodge said introducing me.

“Uh, Frank Clay,” I said, but no one seemed to care. He seemed much more interested in Mathilda.

“And that,” the other man thrust a finger at her, “is Freyja’s daughter! Did you think she would let us just take her?”

“They’re following us?” I asked.

“Not yet,” the man said, not bothering to look at me. “But they will be.”

“Then we need to get out of here.”

“That’s real smart thinking,” the man said sarcastically. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

I gritted my teeth. “Then why are we still here?”

The man frowned and turned back to the control. “Prepare for Hyperjump. Hyperjump in 3…2…1…Jump!”

And then we were hovering above Mars. I looked at the viewscreen in wonder at the magnicient golden cities. “You need to get the rest of the fleet in order,” Jamal said.

The man laughed, bitterly. “What fleet? We sent all our ships to Earth.”

“You sent all your ships?” I gasped. “Don’t tell me Mars is undefended?”

“No,” Hodge said. “We have a defense system.”

“Then we better get down there,” Mathilda said. “You better get your defense system activated. You better get everyone ready for an attack. Because my mother is coming. She’s coming and she’s going to kill everyone.”

to be continued…


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