Book One Character List

Frank Clay – “The Quantum Unstable Man” He was conducting an experiment with his friend and mentor, David Lovell, when something went wrong. David was injured, but Frank’s body was transformed on a quantum level. The instability in his body grows and the only way to release it is by using the Quantum Stability Chamber, also known as “The Box”. There had been an early device called the Stabilizer that had been used, but its use resulted in the accident that took David’s life. Frank continues to be guilty to feel guilty about this.

Jamal Sampson – Frank’s Best Friend. After an accident, his brain was transferred into the body of an orangutan.

Mathilda Sampson – “Tilly” Jamal’s 12-year old daughter. She is a surprisingly skilled fighter. She is also Freyja’s daughter and heir to a millennia-long empire. She hates being called “Matti” because it is what her mother calls her.

ALAN – Frank’s robotic assistant. His main program is housed in a cybernetic brain this able to be installed in various robotic forms.

Jennifer Lovell – “Doc” Jennifer is the daughter of Frank’s mentor, David Lovell. She created the Quantum Stability Chamber and saved Frank’s life.

Freyja Reina del Tiempo – The Queen of Time. She is Mathilda’s mother and rules 3000 years of time. She mostly uses robots as her army including the Valkyrie, the Jotun, and the Surtr, the world destroyer.

Kink – Time Pirate. Kink is from the far future where biomodification (such as changing skin color, adding extra limbs, wings) is as common as tattoos and piercings are in the early 21st century. Over their many interactions, Kink has developed a flirtatious relationship with Frank that he does not reciprocate.

The Time Police – an organization devoted to protecting the integrity of the time stream. The are in a constant cold war with Freyja.

The Crimson Figure – Lived in the time of the dinosaurs beneath the earth, using rock creatures as its minions. It’s skin was a metallic crimson that had the appearance of being a liquid. It wears a grey harness across its shoulders with tubing and elaborate ornamentation.

The Ninja King – Akuhei, the master of the ninja clan. He hates Frank.

Retched Refuse – They are a band of freedom fighters who fight against Freyja’s oppressive rule. They lived in one of the Freetowns in the caves below the cities of the Earth. They fly around in a battle-ready garbage truck. Among their number is the pink mohawked Filth and Sludge, a large man whose long hair changed color as he moved.

Xian – An alien race that looked like a cross between a squid and a tiger. They fought and defeated the Zhessessenese. They implanted a translation chip into Frank’s head.

Zhessessenese – A race of aliens who fought and were defeated by the Xian.

Dinozens- A race of creatures who appeared to have evolved from the dinosaurs. In the middle of their village is a statue that looks very similar to the Crimson Figure.

Independent Martian Federation – A group of people who oppose Freyja’s rule and wish for a free and independent Mars. Their attempt at revolution does not go well. Among them is Hodge, a man who was tasked to assassinate the Queen, and General Little who is in charge of the Martian Defense Force.

The Upside down creature
– This alien is purple and green. It speaks with its seven hands by making clapping and snapping sounds. It gets around by swinging along rungs on the ceiling, where it keeps all its stuff. It does not like the Xian.


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